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A new prawn: synthetic, sustainable and slavery-free

Did you know that prawns carbon footprint is ten times greater than beef? The prawn fishing industry has always been steeped in controversy, with it’s questionable and destructive practices.

It’s linked to myriad problems, from the depletion of mangroves and deforestation in Asia and South America, to bycatch — a large-scale trawling technique that scoops up prawns from the sea, as well other species which are killed in the process and chucked overboard. There are even links to trafficking and slavery.

A Californian Biotech company, New Wave Foods, are attempting to tackle these ecological and social ills by creating a sustainable, slavery-free replacement for prawns made entirely out of algae and plant proteins.

Carnival clean-up

200 tonnes of waste discarded during the Notting Hill Carnival this Bank Holiday weekend is going to be collected and used to generate electricity. That’s enough energy to power 80,000 hot showers. Which will be needed for all that tropical bodypaint!

Suck it and sea

Scandalously, Eight million tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean from land each year. It’s equal to five carrier bags per every foot of coastline around the globe. Attempting to tackle this plastic polluting problem one port at a time are Australian surfers, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski. They’ve invented an underwater bin that sucks floating plastic detritus from the sea surface. The Seabin Project is in the final research stages and should be available in 17 countries early next year.



Writer and Food Activist, Michael Pollan has an illuminating talk with actor Alec Baldwin, on his career, his relationship with food, and new Netflix show, Cooked.


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