OLX Launches Brand Campaign About Its New App — It’s That Simple

Latest brand campaign talks about the new and contemporary OLX App launched recently to make the platform more secure, simple, and social

New Delhi, November 7th, 2016: OLX, India’s number one classifieds, announced the launch of a new brand campaign today following the recent launch of the new OLX App. Two new television Ads have been released that throw light on the new product changes introduced by the brand. The new OLX App is intended to increase the penetration of online classifieds across regions, age-groups, and underpenetrated-categories.

OLX has pioneered consumer-to-consumer (C2C) classifieds in India, and is the largest marketplace today for unused goods, cars, bikes, and mobile phones with 80% market share of the C2C trade in the country. In a short span of time OLX has come to stand for the category with ‘Bech De’ becoming a part of everyday lingo, and OLX having become synonymous with selling. As a product and technology focused company, OLX is now paving the way for the next wave of the classifieds in India.

The new OLX campaign sees an evolution of the OLX style of marketing, which has previously released popular and award-winning campaigns such as ‘Badi Badi Batein, ‘Womaniya, ‘Keemat Bhi Kuch Keemti Bhi, and ‘No More Dekhte Hain. As the market leader, OLX has decided to fulfill the unmet consumer needs by offering simplified solutions such as dealing with like-minded people nearby, using convenient forms of communication like chat, and leveraging tech-led solutions like image-recognition of the products.

Both the Ads are a visual representation of how a typical transaction would happen on OLX. The campaign is likely to appeal to the sensibilities of new-to-net users, women, and tech-savvy users all at the same time. The campaign will be run on television, radio, outdoors, and digital and social media. Both the ads are being released in seven languages — Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada and Hinglish.

The new OLX App has been rolled out to 100% Android and iOS users. It has a chic, image-first design, which makes it easy to navigate. The heart of the new App however are the cool features that makes the OLX experience an instant, easy, and social one with real people located nearby.

The four core pillars of the new App are: 1) Mandatory registration of all users — buyers and sellers- that helps create a safer environment for transacting. 2) A 50% reduction in Ad posting time with the help of the industry-first image-recognition feature, which makes it easy to use for even the new-to-net population. All one needs to do is take the product photos, set its price, and the Ad is good to go. 3) Chat first, with restrictions on calling builds trust as OLX does not make anyone’s phone number public. This is especially relevant for women. 4) The new App offers a hyperlocal experience by only showing listings in one’s vicinity. This makes the experience simpler with an enhanced sense of familiarity.

Said Amarjit Singh Batra, CEO, OLX India, “OLX started the journey of building and expanding the online classifieds market in India five years ago. We have taken a quantum leap with our new App, while sticking to our core focus of being consumer-oriented. The new marketing campaign is reflection of our commitment to make classifieds friction-free, fruitful, and more enjoyable. As a pioneer brand we think consumer-first, and we will continue make product and communication changes to cater to the changing consumer needs.”

Conceptualized by creative agency Lowe Lintas, the campaign targets young and urban tech-savvy individuals especially the women. Through a narrative that depicts user privacy, enhanced trust, and the technology-powered simplicity of the platform — especially for women, the films highlight how the new OLX App will re-invent the user’s selling and buying experience on smartphones. The first TVC focuses on the buyer, and the second on the seller; both promote the ease and convenience of hyperlocal buying and selling in a trusted environment.

The new OLX App is expected to bring about a new wave of growth for the brand. OLX, which has 80% market share of the consumer-to-consumer (C2C) trade, gets 3.4 billion page-views a month, with 90% of its traffic coming from mobile. OLX, which is already the market leader in used cars, bikes, mobiles phones, furniture, and electronics, is looking to give scale to some of its other categories with the help of these changes. Pre-owned fashion products and accessories, and passion and hobby items such as musical instruments, sports equipment, collectibles, and vintage items have steadily been growing on OLX, and the new App will facilitate further growth for these under-penetrated categories. OLX expects to double its growth rate as a result of these changes in the next one year.

Said Joy Mohanty, Regional President — North & East, Lowe Lintas, “Our task was to bring out the features of the new OLX App in a contemporary and aspirational manner, and drive greater brand connect with the youth. Whether it is finding cool items near you or chatting with registered users on the platform, the films captures the simplicity, seamlessness, and the joy of transacting on the new App. In line with the new product, this new world of OLX is cooler, younger and trendier.”

Campaign Credits


Gaurav Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer

Abhishek Upadhyay- Brand Manager

Agency: Lowe Lintas

Account Management- Naveen Gaur, Rajiv Chatterjee, Rahul Ojha and Namita Kohli

Creative- Arun Iyer, Janmenjoy Mohanty, Arko Provo Bose, Manzoor Alam, Bipin Bist, Sharaf Khurram, Ishita Misra, Snigdha Malhotra and Ipshita Bose

Account Planning- Anurag Prasad and Ketaki Chand

Production House- Nirvana Films

Director- Kishore Iyyar

TVC 1 — Buyer centric

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p49BgBEzfvg

The film opens with a young man walking on the street, and using the hyperlocal feature on the OLX App to find a guitar available in his vicinity. Focused around the hyperlocal feature, the Ad shows him busy chatting with a verified seller. In the next scene, the young man greets the seller as the guitar changes hands.

In the next sequence, a young man is browsing on the new OLX app, checking out stuff in locations near him. He sees two recliners in different colors, and selects the one in beige. When he clicks on ‘more info’, the seller’s location is shown as just 5 minutes away. This again showcases the hyperlocal feature of the App.

In the last sequence, two girls meet, greeting each other with a cool handshake, and a switch of handbag is seen from one to another.

The TVC is peppered with screenshots of the new App in order to explain the process and the new features of the App to the users.

The TVC ends with ‘Buy and sell near you’ message, with a woman saying ‘it’s that simple’ in the last frame.

TVC 2- Seller centric

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w8PXbAWUco

The film opens with a young girl logging into OLX App through her Facebook login and uploading a picture of her tennis racquet through the image recognition feature within 30 seconds. The next shot shows her getting a query by another girl in her neighborhood. She comes out of her home and meets the buyer just outside the home for the transaction which is shown in the form of a swift serve from one girl to another.

The next scene shows how transacting with registered buyers and sellers makes the all new OLX app experience more trustworthy and social. Two girls are shown meeting at a local café, and in one cool move they exchange an ipad.

In the last scene, a young man riding a bicycle meets the buyer. He gets off the bicycle and as if on a relay-race the buyer gets on the cycle and rides away.

The TVC is peppered with screenshots of the new App in order to explain the process and the new features of the App to the users.

The TVC ends with ‘Buy and sell near you’ message, with a man saying ‘it’s that simple’ in the last frame.

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