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Riding a bike is about enjoying riding a bike — not generating data.

That’s why we designed the Omata One with its Patented Digital To Analog Movement to be evocative of motion and movement — not algorithms and analytics.

We capture and record your ride in the background, so you’ll be able to share it on Strava (TrainingPeaks soon!) after you’re done enjoying your effort — and after taking in the scent of the morning dew and admiring the way the sunlight finds its way through the trees.

Ride More. Leave the Data for Later.

Measuring Joy.

The true pleasure of cycling is not something you need a gadget to measure.

The wind tells you how fast you’re going. Your heartbeat tells you many feet you’re climbing. Your legs tell you how many miles you’re riding.

Most importantly, your grin tells you how much fun you’re having.

But there are good reasons to tally these things more quantitatively. And for us, placing a plastic-clad digital command center on our handlebars just wasn’t right.

So we created something different. A precision sports instrument that not only provides all the data you need (or at least think…

The Leica Q 35mm Digital Rangefinder

How does the Leica Q inform how we designed the OMATA One Cycling Speedometer?

I am a member of a tribe of folks who are passionate about both cycling, and photography. I’ve been making images with cameras way longer than I’ve been “seriously” riding a bike. Combining the two was always a necessity, even when I first started riding when I could use photography as an excuse to stop pedaling and have a rest.

The camera you see above is my Leica Q. I often take it when I go out on bike rides.

I also have a Sony RX100VA. That will often go on rides as well.

They’re both cameras. They’re both tools…

Pay Attention To This

Ride As Hard As You Like. Just Pay Attention To This. Not 📱

The things you pay attention to matter.

Whether the thoughts in your head, the conversation you have with your friends, the feeling of the smooth glide of chain and gears moving your forward, or the buzzing, chirping, pattering, rattling, wooshing sounds of nature doing its work in the landscape all around you.

These are all things we do not ever want to take for granted, despite what the Internet may beep and buzz about at any given moment.

Have you ever tried riding without your beeping digital things with you?

Throw your Garmin/Wahoo/Lezyne/iPhone in your jersey pocket. …

My Kickstarter Prototype

I’ve been riding with an OMATA One for 87 weeks now. In that time we’ve had three main stages of product development — from what we refer to as our “Kickstarter version”, through to our B1 and B2 pre-production builds.

The first time I put our first hand-assembled, hand-made functional prototype on my handlebars in the early Spring of 2016, I was exuberant. It was working. The simplicity of it all — on the surface at least — was compelling. You work harder to go faster and the speed hand would go up. Slow down, the speed hand would go…


A different measure of the ride.

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