Tell me, oh Gun Guru: how the hell would I learn about WWII weaponry, silencers, or hollow-point…
John Graziano

Hey, thanks for proving his point.

The firearm he pointed out in point number 1 isn’t vintage, they are still being produced by many manufacturers, and are the core of the Civilian Marksmanship Program that is mandated by Federal law to promote firearm safety, marksmanship and sporting competitions. It’s a 75 year old elegant design that still functions very well with supreme accuracy.

A “gun” doesn’t come with an extra “weapon” if you mean firearm, that would almost certainly be a felony, because a firearm can’t have more than 1 receiver. Some (rare) firearms do come with knives, but those are gimmicky toys and not really serious.

Suppressers (sic) aren’t illegal, they’re regulated. $200 stamp plus some paperwork, and you can own one.

How would you learn about firing hollow point bullets? By firing them, exactly. Shoot watermelons, 2-liter bottles and grapefruits, and you’ll see a difference. Dig a slug out, and you’ll see more of a difference. Ballistic gelatin (HUGE Jello Jigglers) give you the best perspective — but studying a few YouTube videos will probably tell you enough.

Federalist 29 has an underlying point, which is that a standing army is dangerous, as it suppresses liberty (as many other Founders stated). So, it basically proves the point of the balance in forces the 2nd Amendment was intended to create. Fortunately, the 2nd Amendment was a right given to The People, not The Militia, just as all the rest of the rights were given to The People as a check against the government.

Your gun ignorance has proved the author’s point perfectly! Thank you!

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