You Need To Know How To Use Guns If You Want To Be Able to Regulate Them
Yishan Wong

Respect and props. Thank you for this article. I’m an information security pro who is infuriated by legislators screwing up crypto law and security protection measures because they don’t understand what they’re legislating. As a Constitutionalist, it’s offensive to see those mucking about with my rights having such wildly inaccurate opinions about what they are seeking to legislate. For shining examples, see Federal Assault Weapons Ban going after pistol grips, flash suppressors, bayonet mounts, semi-auto shotguns and barrel shrouds. That’s as stupid as (you point out) federal law regulating suppressors instead of encouraging them. That kind of ignorant knee-jerk politicians syllogism recently lead to Obama administration pushing ATF to classify muzzle brake on Sig Sauer MPX-C Carbine as a suppressor, even though it INCREASES the noise. #smh Stop the madness.

I support the 2nd Amendment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want gun laws. I want gun laws that work and help preserve liberty and a safe society. Having gun laws based on Hollywood misconceptions, 80s era yellow journalism and PAC talking points creates bad laws that infringe on liberty without SOLVING THE PROBLEM INTENDED. That sucks for everyone, and was a big reason the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was a failure (increasing rather than decreasing crime) and caused the Dems to lose the Senate.

Bad knowledge of technology (firearms are machines) creates bad laws. I want stiff prosecution of existing gun laws rather than more laws we won’t enforce. Why are less than 1% of federal firearms violations prosecuted? Why do so many falsifications on background checks and straw purchases get a pass? Go after those bastards with a vengance, if you want to get tough with gun control and make purchasing firearms difficult for criminals.

So much of the proposed gun laws make no engineering sense — like stopping the importation of M1 surplus rifles from Korea. How many crimes get committed with an M1 a decade, maybe 3?

One small point — you refer to the AR-15 as being inappropriate for hunting, and then the Mini14 as being a common hunting rifle — when they are essentially identical except for ergonomics. Both are excellent for varmint hunting. Yes, America, we hunt more than just deer in the US, and the AR-15 is a fantastic hunting rifle for many types of game… but not deer, hog or other big-game.

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