I just did a quick Web search, and looked at the first four returns on that search.
David Marino

Thanks for your reply. Reasons for divorce aren’t always easy to pin down. My former husband cheated, and while that set the wheels in motion that isn’t the” reason I filed. When there’s no money, abuse, addiction, affair, etc., and people grow apart it’s more for ongoing frustrations that, yes, probably were not communicated well (maybe even never mentioned). I don’t think lack of household support will actually be “the” reason a wife decides to split, but you can throw it in the pile along with the other stuff. According to AARP (http://www.aarp.org/research/topics/life/info-2014/divorce.html), the Top Marriage Killers

For women:
physical or emotional abuse
drug or alcohol abuse

For men:
fell out of love
had different values or lifestyles

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