I Started My 2018 with Rituals & Permission Slips

Day 1/30:

So you see, I‘ll be writing my posts as some sort of a diary for the next 30 days. I have seen the power and the sanity of my own personal rituals I have created has been doing to me for the past couple of hours, and days. And I might be tapping on a wonderful understanding and experience of how great people become so great at what they do because I must say I feel so damn good right now. So damn good.

I am not saying that before ever I did this I wasn’t ever feeling so good. I have been. Every time I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks I get into that high-flying disc, it’s some sort of a life-booster to listen to them especially whenever I want to redirect my thoughts to something positive and uplifting. For the past couple of months that I have been doing that, of allowing myself to move in that high-flying disc, that high-flying disc meaning I focus on the things that make me feel good, I find ways to make myself feel good no matter where I go no matter who I am with and go about my day, and continue feeling good until it naturally becomes second nature to me, the Universe has been showing itself to me time and time again. From manifesting a wonderful and peaceful home with a garden, an awesome view, and a kind landlady in Bonifacio Global City, to reconnecting to my family I wasn’t speaking to for 3 years (and closing the year with a bang full of love and appreciation to my mom and sisters and kids and everyone else in between!), to becoming a digital nomad and the Universe manifesting a wonderful boss right before my eyes. A boss I couldn’t ask for anything more he’s just super amazing it’s like he’s like a “grateful pill” that whenever I think of him my heart just becomes naturally grateful, naturally happy. Naturally thankful.

Now to raise the bar slightly higher, because I have been noticing there are some things I am leaving to chance, which I have then (last night) intended to use the power of my focus and concentration in order for me to allow myself to manifest more of the things I’d like to welcome and allow into my experience. I came across Dandapani youtube video last night (he was speaking at a London conference) and he was teaching how I could use my concentration to give undivided attention to anything that I’d like to give my undivided attention to, and whenever I have an undivided attention, I can be present, and whenever I’m present I am not splitting my energies, I am enhancing my life experience, and I can finish more things (smoothly in lesser time).

I started paying attention and more love to myself unknowingly when I met this woman from Tennessee in an Ayahuasca ceremony I was serving about two weeks ago. Her name is Yolanda. She’s a wonderful woman to speak with, full of love and happiness all around her, she’s a chef for the military and she travels around the world by ship because they have to follow the ships where the main military ships are going. What caught my attention was that for a 3-day ceremony she has brought 1 huge bag with her stuff that completes her daily routine, and another trolley bag with just all food in it. Teas (from many countries, including yerba matte!:) ), biscuits, banana chips, her own bed, and her bathing essentials. For a regular woman from the states, she has all the stuff that makes her happy to complete her routines, morning breakfast routines, bathing routines, sleeping routines, etc. Like it’s all hers. Normally, it’s normal for them (I’ve seen my European friends having these essentials too). I know it’s not a big deal for most but in contrast, I was a traveling woman who was just bringing a soap, a shampoo, and a conditioner, and that’s it.

What I have learned is that there are things that I could possibly have that can make myself feel grounded, and it’s okay to have these things where I could allow myself to have a routine. A ritual. A process that I could gently allow myself to move from one area of my life to another. Where I could find time for myself first. Use the power of my focus so that I could be present in each moment. In this case, from waking up to finding time for myself, having an overview of how my day or week would look like — to doing — such as taking care of my family, my jobs, my commitments to myself and to others.

Now I understand why my boss has a calendar-based life. Because he wants to make sure nothing falls off the cracks. He wants to make sure that all his commitments are met. That he follows-through what he promised. That he has time for himself, for the people the means a lot to him, and for the things that he loves to do, and for the things that he’d like to create.

What I have majorly learned for the past year is that there are a lot of people who would ask for my attention. By example, men who would even ask me out for a date, for more dates, for more time that I could give to something else more productive. And now I could see that even though I would have had instant gratification and happiness (even though before it was okay), it‘s no longer something I’d like to pay my attention to. Abraham Hicks said that as I do the things that I want, I learn more of the things that I don’t want. And one thing might work for me one time, but if it no longer serves me, I could choose something else. Because we’re beings of contrast. And because I know, with this deep knowing that if there’s a person who’d really love to come into my life, it would be effortless for me. He’d make a deliberate effort to rendezvous with me as we stroll through this life. I no longer have to go out of my way for me to make something out of it. I could take my precious time, and see how it goes. I could give him a little bit of my energy, and still focus on the things that really matter to me. And see if he deserves a little bit more of it as time goes by. And I have the freedom to focus on my purpose, my response-abilities, and my deep passions that really mean much to me and that really makes me happy. And that is, if I like him.

So for the Rituals that I have chose for myself because I like them and it makes me happy and I love it so much, it has benefited me tremendously because I just started to feel a deep love and care for myself as I have never felt and realized before. And because I now know could take care of myself in these small ways, I also get the confidence to take care of the things around me. Because I put myself first.

Some of the things I love…

Lip care: I’ve got my Human Nature sugar lip scrub (used 3x a week), sunflower lip miracle, and flame tree lip balm (I just love making my lips soft and naturally healthy and plumpy). I apply the latter 2 all throughout the day, and then before sleeping.

Facial care: I put on charcoal mask once a week (I wanna try twice, hmm). My Pond’s facial wash. And the best part of the Ritual is my Firmax3 Hormonal Balancing and Lifting Cream. My god, this one is a heaven-sent. Even though it’s expensive it minimizes my pores, it keeps my skin hydrated, it keeps my face fresh, and removes all the fine lines and any start of wrinkles. Cleaning my face twice a day and applying it after already makes wonders. Plus I don’t wear any make up, nor foundation (unless I’d go to a party, which I don’t often do anymore). So all I’m wearing all throughout the day is the cream, which also has a natural glowing effect. I love it so much I couldn’t do without it. Firmax3 is addicting. Lol

Body care: Aside from using a Korean ddemiri scrub once a week to remove any dead skin cells, and using loofah everyday to make sure I clean my skin very well every time I take a shower with my I also have Olay shower gel, and The Body Shop Honeymania shower gel. I used to use ProSource Virgin Coconut Oil once a day and it has made wonders on my skin. But now that I could see that even the scars on my legs and arms are slowly disappearing, I’ve started to use it twice a day, and as I feel like it. I think feeding the largest organ of my body the magical powers of this oil will keep myself stay fresh, healthy, soft, and happy. Plus, it’s natural. And I smell good too (well, ProSource doesn’t have that “grandma” smell unlike the other coconut oils). I love coconut oils! (and I could use them for oil-pulling in the morning and during the day time too)

Hair care: I have Watson’s Naturals Organic Argan Oil and Argan Seed Extract from Morocco

And other essentials: I have essential oils made of lavender, bug spray made of sunflower, soybean and citronella oil, soothing balm made of eucalyptus and bergamot, hand sanitizer made of peppermint, corn mint, and aloe vera

The Day Ritual

Before sleeping: Think of wonderful things. Rampant of Appreciation. Watch a good movie. Sleep with wonder. Sleep well.

After waking up: Wake up. Inhale a good thought for a minute. Find a good space to sit down and meditate for 15-minutes.

After meditation: Find an open space and prepare for your tea, lemon-bay-cayenne water, open your laptop and go to Medium.com and write about your reflection on your meditation.

My reflection on today’s meditation:

I have noticed that even if I’m focusing on one area while I’m meditating I have one to two other things that’s going on my mind (like something talking to me and a music that keeps on repeating itself), and I find ways to kind of quiet them as well. This has been a wonderful, short, and well-focused 15 minutes that I’ve ever had and it feels good. I feel productive. And I have felt very useful for the past couple of hours doing my ritual, writing, and being, and living my life today. It’s a wonderful start for 2018. Permission slips are very useful to allow myself to feel good, feel great, and feel wonderful.

Thank you. That’s what I tell myself. Thank you, Olera. =) ❤

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