The Magic Behind the Ultimate Sports Bra

By: Aldjia Begriche, Head of Smart Textiles, M.Sc. Textile Engineering & Pascal Fortier, Biosignal scientist, PhD in Neuroscience

Bio-mechanically Engineered, Women-Inspired.

Inadequate support is a common issue in sports bras on the market. When the creators at OM decided it was time to develop a product that support your active lifestyle and advance your performance to new heights, they worked hard on features that do the job.

Your straps are constantly falling off your shoulders. That harsh underwire is killing your torso. You fear a long run in the sun because your breast moves all over the place and you don’t want to be seen with that weird pace as if you were holding a tray of glasses.

You aren’t alone — over 70 percent of women choose the wrong fitting bra. In fact, when compared to what professionals would suggest based on body measurements, women are off by either a digit and/or a cup number. When it comes to running, this margin can be tangible.

Luckily for you, the experts at OM have performed extensive research to design the ultimate sports bra, uniquely catered to fit your needs and provide the utmost support for your running routine.


Your breasts were not made to go unsupported…Especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Women naturally have weak support from the skin and Cooper ligaments, and in sports like running, both horizontal and lateral support is needed. When our feet hit the pavement, the impact causes the breasts to naturally behave as a damper, dissipating the impact and causing breast pain. Research shows that with a lack of support, women will change the way they run to compensate for the onset of pain. They will either concentrate their movements to their lower body, increasing the chance of injury in the hips and knees, or they will literally hold their breasts with their arms.

There are two types of sports bras on the market:

Compression and Encapsulating:

  • Compression bras simply press the breast tissue to the chest, impairing the shape, doubling the dampening effect and providing absolutely no shape (think your average sports bralette).
  • Encapsulating bras contain two distinct cups that control bounce and keep the breasts in place. The best types (such as the OMbra) provide both horizontal and lateral support and allow your breasts to move with your body instead of smashing up against it.

The bra has to support and shape the breast, ultimately diminishing the breast dampening effect. We realized that the impact on the breast needs to be dissipated elsewhere, which is why we created a product to not only track your biometrics but also designed to fit your body perfectly.


Two Distinct Cups

A common misconception of breast movement during exercise is that it consists solely of a bouncy, vertical movement, but horizontal movements are also present and require a different type of support. The OMbra not only provides two distinct cups to support the breasts individually, but the cups are designed to limit both lateral and front-to-back movements.

Strong Straps With Proper Adjustments

The lack of proper straps is the most common complaint and number one failure point in inadequate sports bras. The design of strong, reliable and comfortable straps was a priority in the design of the OMbra. With the 9 adjustable firm straps that are integrated within the design, support quality scored first in our surveys with testers.

Racerback Form With Complete Support

The common racerback form for runners bras ensure that the straps won’t fall off your shoulders. We combined this feature with multi-faceted anchor points to create a bra that distributes the impact of running around the chest. This way, the OMbra decreases impact on the shoulders and back and distributes it all around the body.

Unprecedented Material & Design

Our bras are created using high-tech, stretchable textiles calibrated in-house. Since strain is such an important parameter in the source of breast pain during exercise, we knew the importance of finding the exact balance between comfort and support in material.

It’s time to ask yourself: “Is my sports bra holding me back?”

Textile engineers at OM working their magic

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