I am a hometown kid. In the summer of 1985, I arrived in Cutler Ridge and South Miami Heights as a young teenage immigrant from Jamaica. Although it was a brave new world for me, the multicultural working family neighborhood of South Miami Heights provided a warm embrace to me…

By Adys Mendizabal

As a Black Cuban doctor, the last couple of months have challenged me to be a more politically engaged US citizen. I witnessed how the current pandemic disproportionately affected African American and Latino communities in the United States. These groups represent a large proportion of Covid related…

By Leigh-Ann Buchanan

I am an outsider. I am an immigrant. I am a woman. I am a proud Jamacian and a Canadian. I am a person of colour, clearly of African descent. In so many forms, my immutable traits render me outside of the norm.

We live in a…

Office of New Americans Miami-Dade

The Office of New Americans is a countywide initiative to raise awareness about the importance of citizenship.

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