A Message From Your New 1A Team Member

By Sarah Fountain

You may have heard my name a few times around the ONEArmenia Community. If not, allow me to introduce myself.

I have moved around as an ambassador, an intern, a fundraising violinist, and up until now, a 1A Intern. The past few months working with the ONEArmenia team in Yerevan has been as enriching as it has been inspiring, and I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be joining the team as 1A’s Content and Communications Manager going forward.

A Little About Myself

I was born and raised in the New York City area. My interaction with the city growing up sparked a passion for art and culture that blended together to offer a unique experience as a member of the Armenian community. My Armenian side of the family always found a reason to celebrate our heritage and learn about things currently going on in Armenia, inspiring me to come to Yerevan for the first time two years ago.

I was blown away by the energy of the city. While I only stayed six weeks, I left with a conviction to return and a new way to help the community I had grown to love: I was going to be an ambassador for ONEArmenia.

Over the next two years, ONEArmenia became my lense into life in Armenia. I participated in campaigns, read about everything from agriculture in Tavush to startups in Yerevan, and was constantly impressed by the passion for culture and progress that was taking hold throughout the country.

Handing over the Torch

You have gotten to know Maral over the last year or so, from bringing beehives to Baghanis to building engineering and robotics labs in Lori and Tavush. She is off to pursue new opportunities and we are wishing her the absolute best in her future endeavors, and are working diligently to make sure that you are kept in the loop with all things ONEArmenia.

When we first announced that I would be joining the team, the response was almost universal: you have big shoes to fill. The past two months I have spent working with Maral to spread the word on Farm-to-Bottle has rung true to this with every campaign update and facebook post, and I am incredibly lucky to have had the time to learn from her.

Why I love ONEArmenia

I believe that 1A is bringing Armenia from survive to thrive. I believe that the organization goes beyond the role of a small non-profit and is an agent for change, a group that is shaping culture in so many different arenas. I believe that ONEArmenia is helping create an Armenia that isn’t defined by the past, but by the vibrant communities here and now, and am ready to give a voice to those communities by working with our team here, and you, the supporters that make everything we do possible.

Please feel free to reach out at any time! I would love to introduce myself, answer any questions and hear any suggestions you may have. Let’s create a thriving, stable Armenia.