I never imagined myself being a writer.

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Sure, J.K. Rowling creating a magical world with her words in a coffee shop may seem awesome and cool.

But trust me, as much as I wanted to read 7 Harry Potter books sitting on my shelf, I’d rather spend a whole day having a movie marathon with my buddies.

The thought of me sitting down and writing words on a blank page wasn’t my cup of tea.

Just by seeing chunks of words on a piece of paper reminds me of essay tests.

Writing on a Journal

It all changed when I started journaling every single day by September 2016. I didn’t care about grammar or any complicated rules I learned from English class. I wrote what I felt, learned and what I wanted to achieve.

Putting words in your journal was like telling your best friend your hopes and dreams — — and actually remembering all the details.

I found joy in writing all the experiences I’ve encountered, whether it’s earning my 100 subscribers on Youtube, graduating or even having a death in the family.

If you don’t have the money to pay for therapy, this is a great way to share all your thoughts and feelings.

Starting the Medium Journey

It was 2 A.M on November 1, 2017, and I couldn’t sleep. My mind keeps on wandering on why I’m not doing anything to achieve my goals of being a filmmaker and I felt being a loser.

Depression and negativity were taking over my brain, and it was just too much to handle.

Out of nowhere, I wrote my very first article on medium. I just vomited all the pain and heartaches on a digital paper using my phone. Grammar and revisions were the least of my problems, so I just hit publish after writing it.

My sleepy state didn’t give any fucks and just shared it on Instagram, and minutes later — — a fellow Youtuber messaged me this.

Realizing the Power of Words

My heart sank after receiving this empowering message. I learned how the words you write on this thing called the internet can connect to someone emotionally and turn a life around in minutes.

I challenged myself to write this November and this was my result.

Even though I only wrote 11 articles and did not write every single day on Medium. The joy of writing and finding connections was definitely there.

And this December, I will keep on doing more just because of the fulfillment I get from putting yourself out there and being vulnerable on this digital paper.

Learning from the Community

For someone who has zero experience in writing, I would never be where I am 30 Days later without consuming from insightful writers here on Medium.

To become a better writer, you have to be a great reader first and just consume a lot. I’ve read more article in 30 days in my 22 years of living on this planet.

Here are some of the authors who shaped a lot of my writing journey.

Nicolas Cole— He’s the one who gave me the fuel to just start writing, building an audience and just focus on giving value to others first. I got inspired by his story from battling his celiac disease to being fit, overcoming his shyness, starting his business and also becoming a top writer in Quora. I owe this guy a lot, so please check out his knowledge filled articles here.

Tom Kuegler— It really amazes me as someone who’s from the Philippines, and find myself relating to someone across the planet from learning their ups and downs. He shares a lot of his journey on how he started from 0 followers to actually make a career out of it. Thanks, Tom.

kevin wrytes— I approached Medium differently, or even life after reading his articles. I enjoy his work especially I could relate from someone in the medical field as well and pursuing his art at the same time. Please give yourself the favor and check his works.

I would be sharing more of my favorite writers here on my medium on the next articles.

If you are still here doubting yourself if you want to write or not, I hope this helps you to get inspired and start doing.

You’ll never realize what you like or love if you don’t even try to start in the first place.

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