6 Tips Every Newbie Video Editor Needs To Know

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Video editing is a powerful skill to master when it comes to filmmaking. A boring film could drastically change when editing is done right. Every Oscar Award-winning editor started from scratch, it will take time to master it, but you’ll eventually get there as long as you don’t give up.

The most challenging part for every newbie in this particular field would be where and how to start. Don’t you worry young and aspiring video editor. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 6 tips that could help you kick start your career in editing videos.

1. Be A Film Nerd

In order to speak the language of film, you have to expose yourself to it. A lot. For a beginner, start watching at least 1 film a day. It doesn’t matter if the film is good or bad, you will learn a lot from the experience as long as you break it down.

Ask yourself. What you liked and disliked about it? What do you think was the reason behind every cut? Was the timing off? Keep asking why. Note it, study it and apply it to your project.

Another tip would be, watch a favorite movie of yours without a sound, so you’ll just focus on the visual aspect of the film. By the end of the year, you’ll find yourself 365 movies wiser in the art of filmmaking.

2. Learn from The Masters

In this day and age, you don’t have to go to a prestigious film school to learn from a wise mentor. The internet is your friend. You could easily learn how Spielberg, Scorsese or Edgar Wright envisioned the editing of their film by watching a documentary, a Ted talk or an interview online.

As long as you keep being a student of the game, constantly educate yourself. Join a workshop, an online course or intern from an editor that you admire. The knowledge that you will receive will get you further in your filmmaking journey.

3. Organization is Key

Whether you are using an expensive or cheap video editor, organizing your clips and workspace will make your job 10x easier.

Let’s say your team finished shooting a film, they gave you a hard drive full of footages and then you find yourself lost in the sea of videos. As a newbie editor, you’ll ask yourself “Where do I start?”

Organize your videos into folders by date, by location or by scene. Customize the workspace of your video editing software where you are most comfortable with and shows the essentials such as the timeline and video previews.

The reasoning behind this would be being able to locate the footage that you need and not get confused by the quantity of footage that you are presented. With this practice, your focus will solely be on the storytelling.

4. The Magic of Keyboard Shortcuts

Editing a film takes a lot of time, it ranges from several hours to days depending on the scope of your project. But there is a solution that could help speed things up as you cut away.

Find the keyboard shortcut settings on your editing software, customize it to your liking, or you could check out shortcut templates online such as Freddie Wong from Rocket Jump Film School.

Knowing the shortcuts will cut a huge amount of your editing time, so use it generously.

5. Back Up Everything

A common mistake done by aspiring video editors is forgetting to back up their files, which results in hours of footages being gone. Accidents are inevitable when you’re in the editing room, which ranges from corrupted hard drives and video editing software crashes.

This may be a small action to do but could save yourself and your team in the long run.

6. Just Get Started and Practice a Lot

Being a video editor is such a huge responsibility, wherein fear and self-doubt as a newbie could stop you from starting. Experience will be your best asset in the future. Keep on joining any video editing opportunities that comes your way.

• Join a wedding video production team

• Intern or assist in a Film production for free

• Create your own videos online and build your brand as an editor

Never let perfection stop you from achieving your goals to become a video editor. Start small and keep practicing every day or week, soon enough you will master your craft.

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