ONO is now available in Europe!

Since its activation in May 2018, the new European regulation on personal data protection, commonly known as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, the conversation about privacy has moved beyond the offices of data experts, and lawyers, reaching a wider public concerned about how the changes brought were due to affect their business operations.

After the Facebook, Inc. fiasco, there is no doubt that data protection is essential for our users, and we’re glad personal data protection has moved onto new heights in the EU. Following this event, the ONO team was confronted with varying advice and opinions about launching our test service in affected jurisdictions. With an abundance of caution, we delayed full deployment of the Dapp to the EU.

ONO, a blockchain social media whose values stand for freedom, and data protection, believes data protection is a necessity, as opposed to being a luxury, and is a gateway issue for trust in the current global economy. ONO has ensured that it fully complies with the rules and regulations, now and in the future. Thus, we will shortly open access to the ONO Dapp globally, including all GDPR jurisdictions.

“We can now operate in Europe, and it is great news to us, and our users that have been very supported us through, and through. We’ve come a long way, and are determined to make things happen. Europe has taken positive steps to ensure people’s rights aren’t abused by centralized organizations, and as a blockchain platform, we’re following the natural path Europe has carved for the world, we all have our role to play” Ke Xu, Chair of the NOME Group, and CEO of ONO said.