ONO Super Partner Candidates: Part 11

Super Partners are loyal guardians of the values of the ONO social network and are responsible mainly for ensuring the quality of the content on ONO. Their mission is to maintain the security, freedom, and decentralization of ONO’s ecosystem and to pass on ONO and its values to others. They also develop and assist more Community Partners and Volunteers to ensure that ONO thrives.


Intro: Founder of WonderWomen, 1MET (1 Malaysia Entrepreneurship Training Bootcamp) programs (initiative of the MOF) as well as Startup Youth Weekend as a Mentor for Entrepreneurial youths who are on the ideation stage. Angeline Simone Chin (or Angie) has spent 19 years working in various corporate industries when she finally called it quits in 2015 to focus on building WonderWomen Asia, the first Women’s portal in Malaysia. In the pipeline, Angie is currently working on another game changing phase where she will be implementing Blockchain into the portal to reward Women accordingly. She has also taken part in the 1ASEAN Entrepreneurship Summit (1AES) bringing in Corporates to showcase their products & services (under the market access platform) in 2015. She got into Steemit in October 2017 and have taken the initiatives to organize meet up events for Steemit Ladies in Malaysia.

Community Contributions: created an ONO Malaysia YouTube channel, is creating ONO communities, and supporting ONO team members with a range of activities including writing articles, and educating others, as well as being a bridge between people.


Intro: Toritseju Kaka (Tojukaka) is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, and farmer. He started his cryptocurrency journey as a blogger, promoter and community builder in the Steem Blockchain. He is passionate about blockchain technology education, building communities and helping people.

Community Contributions: created one of the first YouTube videos about ONO, and has since created several more ONO YT videos which explain the ONO White Paper in more simple terms. Actively creating ONO multimedia content on his YouTube channel.


Intro: Julia K. Ponsford received a B.A. in psychology from the University of Saint Mary’s, life had other ideas so she decided to follow her passions as an artist, filmmaker and musician. For the last ten years she has explored various mediums, such as creating an independent clothing line, running a designer gallery/boutique and releasing the first feature film as a world premiere on the blockchain called The Juju Gum Conspiracy. Her current focus is aimed at creating and strengthening various arts communities centered around blockchain technology.

Community Contributions: created several ONO art pieces and ONO Telegram sticker set, active in ONO Telegram artist group and provides support to emerging and innovative ONO art experiments.


Intro: I’m Adam Waring, I’ve worked in the IT Security field for over 15 years and over 2 years ago I moved from Australia to Oregon in the US in search of adventure and forest-living. I’m currently training for the television show American Ninja Warrior, so I’m right into the fitness industry and the amazing content creators there. I love community building and the interactions therein. On Steem I’m working to expand the fitness presence, run an RPG game, curate, greet new content creators and study the technology behind the various apps in order to unleash/implement the thousands of ideas I have for blockchain technology.

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