ONO Weekly Update: May 25 - June 1, 2018

Hello Everyone,

As of June 1, 2018 the ONO dApp Adventure Edition has 267,656 registered users and the ONO community continues to grow rapidly.

In the Adventure Edition of the ONO dApp, there may be some bugs or lack of basic functions, however, as an Adventurer, you will not forget that the ONO Social Network is growing together with you. As first gen users, you have a mission, love the unknown, and never feel troubled by the dissatisfaction you may experience.

“Users are the first priority”

is the heart of the ONO social network. Rest assured, Adventurers, the entire ONO development team will not sleep until we create the best decentralized, freedom-focused social networking ONO system for everyone. Thank you for your support and trust so far.

1 Product and R&D Progress

1.1 This week’s product and R&D progress

On the evening of May 31, the new version of ONO went live. Its primary functions were: client support for long-form text and the second edition of published long text. ONO started to support sharing via other platforms in this version, and your story can be shared to WeChat and QQ. Friends, you can also share to your Circle of Friends and QQ, so that more people see your story in ONO. Also, the content sharing reward of inviting friends has already launched on June 1st.

The English version of the international ONO dApp has been revised, optimized, completed and tested. The launch date is set for June 25th, 2018.

1.2 ONO is expected to release V2.0 on June 12


The client supports the display of secondary content pages.

Home layout new UI, support subscription + hot feed+ latest.

Combine the content of subscriptions and Circle of Friends, you and your friends have more opportunities for interaction.

The content of your home page will be split according to articles, short stories, and forwards.

The Chinese version of the ONO official website and the international version have been newly upgraded, and the UI solution has been confirmed.

1.3 BUGs Fixed This Week:

[Android] Users cannot get the real-name authentication.

[Android] There is a bug in the colors of the “permissions” in the detail page and the list page.

[Server] Long text and then edit, switch labels, the article is still displayed under the original label, switch the bug that the new label does not display.

[IOS] Some images failed to load successfully.

[IOS] A bug that may be stuck when the program is registered.

1.4 Next Week Product Iteration Plan

Mainly for the V2.0 version to complete research and development and testing related work.

The product has completed the international version of the program and UI, including e-mail and international mobile phone registration, and supports account password login. It supports multi-language switching, and we completed the related translation work; international real-name authentication related functions.

Added shielding features, including “Do not look at this person” and “Do not read this item”.

Continue to optimize long text editors and add drafts.

Improve the optimization of the content operation background.

2 Marketing Progress

2.1 Basic Operations

As of June 1, the ONO dApp Adventure Version has completed the registration of 267,656 users. The first generation of 300,000 users is fast approaching through the invitation code system.

Super Partner Roundtable

On May 27th, the first session of the Super Partner Roundtable was successfully held. The ONO Development Team and 14 Super Partners conducted in-depth exchanges of ONO’s development in the early stage. The conference made it clear that ONO is committed to the creation of a humanistic community with social networking as the vehicle, and ONO’s goal is to solve the pain points of humanity on a global scale.

2.2 Market dynamics

On May 28th, Ke Xu was invited to take part in a blockchain video interview called Ning Ying Blockchain. This event invited 10 well-known EOS BP candidates in China to talk about the actual value of EOS. Additionally, Ke Xu also talked about eosONO’s Block Producer candidacy.

To promote the broad platform of EOS.IO, ONO will use the EOS.IO software to start the main chain of ONO projects and improve community autonomy. Through the introduction of ONO’s advanced Global Partner program, ONO will manage the community and avoid division of it; it will modify Block Producer campaigns in order to avoid alliances and collusion; to provide incentives for ordinary ONO users to participate in voting by improving incentives; to reward EOS and its users, ONO will carry on the airdrop to the original EOS holders on the main chain.

2.3 Market activities

From May 25 to May 28, ONO Xu Ke’s official WeChat channel started the ONO Heroes mini-game. During this event, the game reached 7080 people, was shared 1255 times, clicked 73,350 times, and the top 5 players were awarded a combined amount of 100 EOS and 10,000 ONOTs.

On June 1st, ONO and 9 other blockchain projects were jointly involved in the “Treasure Hunting of the June 1st Candy Box” initiated by Prochain. The Candy Treasure was provided by each project party with 3000RMB candy. The 10 teams guessed the password clues to unlock the candy treasures. Users who collected all password clues divided up the candy treasure.

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