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Chatbot with personality

Text messaging functionality on mobile devices has been around since the 1980s, with the first SMS being sent in December of 1992. Jump to about 30 years later, in 2010, which saw about 6.1 trillion SMS texts being sent. SMS over time has, in most countries, become very cheap, with most carriers offering free SMS in almost all of their offers. While SMS is still a growing market, it’s been facing stiff competition from internet based messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

In just about 8 years, these internet based messaging services have gained significant traction with users…

Chatbot are going to change the way you talk to your customers

Personal assistants have been on the rise as of late, what with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana becoming household names lately. What’s causing this rush towards personalized assistants and Chatbots? More importantly, where are we heading with this?

One of the main reasons why companies are adopting this technology is because it has developed very quickly, overcoming a lot of the limitations that it faced. There was a time in the very recent past when having to communicate with any of these Chatbots was a chore. It didn’t take much effort on the user’s side to have them completely…

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of the US Congress for around ten hours over two days. The hearing was a delayed reaction to a massive breach in which personal data of over 85 million Facebook users was mined illegally by an unauthorized third party.

For the most part Zuckerberg answered questions in a straightforward manner, especially when asked how Facebook makes money even though users don’t pay to sign up. His response, “Senator, we run ads”, delivered in a deadpan tone (with great comic timing) ended up being the subject of numerous memes.

While he was able to…

Protect you data and systems

As a company that builds dozens of websites and apps every year, one our concerns is security. Maintaining the integrity and security of our, and our clients’, websites and systems. If you’re a similar company, or a tech start-up, then surely you deal with similar concerns.

A lack of security can not only compromise your data but also affect your reputation as a service provider. In other cases, say if you’re a start-up, it could mean that your proprietary material or intellectual property might be stolen.

We’ll list out a few common ways in which your security is compromised and…

Email marketing vs. Bulk text marketing is one of the most debated mobile marketing topics.

60% of people around the world own a mobile phone. Statistics show that the number of mobile phone users has been increasing by 4% every year since 2013. Meaning the potential number of people reached through SMS/ Whatsapp is much greater than through email.

The Cryptocurrency and blockchain have dominated not just the news but popular culture lately. It seems to be the marker point in a real shift to a new way of operating. Whether it really will change the world is left to be seen but what we’re sure of, is that it’s here to stay.

That being the case, new platforms for trading Cryptocurrency, and technological and product innovation around crytpo are coming up at a rapid pace. What is still being discovered though, is how, and to whom, these products and services are marketed.

We’ve been doing our home work…

Built on the foundations of our initial research, that explored past trends in real estate in Bangalore, we’re looking ahead to see what the future holds. In the context of Bangalore we explore future technological trends and how they will shape the future of real estate.

The Shared Economy

Led by Uber and AirBnB, the shared economy has blossomed thanks to technology. These companies have revolutionised their respective industries and the trend grows. Most noticeably with office space and WeWork, the shared economy is here to stay.

The biggest name in the space is WeWork who recently announced plans to…

Real Estate Trends In Bangalore, India.

Real estate in metropolitan India, has been an investment and continues to be. It’s always been a relatively safe bet to put your money into Brick And Mortar and given the huge population of our country, it’s all very liquid — there is inevitably supply and demand.

Let’s look at Bengaluru specifically. It has been the fastest-growing city of India. IT has been the major growth driver and is responsible for aggressive real estate development in the city. Bengaluru has social infrastructure, excellent educational institutes and constantly upgrading physical infrastructure.

All this, along with the factors mentioned below are contributing…

These videos are SFW!

There’s speculation as to the original source, but often a “Chinese Proverb” is quoted to say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If a video is shot at 30 frames per second and is on average 1 minute long, it’s worth 1.8 Million words.

We love what we do, and (most) people we work with love us too. So much so that they kindly agreed to help us put together some Video testimonials — each worth more than a million words each!

In the first of a three part series, we’re happy to present a video testimonial series on our work. We start of by featuring two grass roots, Bangalore raised companies that are doing a great job in their space — Petrichor - An online organic store; and IFLaC - A language school. Enjoy the show!

Petrichor Video

IFLaC Video

WhatsApp for Business

When was the last time you saw a promotional email? I mean, really looked at it, read it and took some action based on what you read? Unless it was very relevant to it (read: something you signed up for within the previous few days), chances are you scrolled right past without even opening it.

As you can imagine it’s not only you doing this, it’s also your customer base that’s losing interest in marketing emails. To some extent, that’s caused by annoying marketing emails. But it’s also a result of people moving onto other platforms as mobile device have…


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