My ROSE (Reality Operating System E-manual)

A work in progress, gradually revised and expanded as time permits.
 Heavily based on Thomas Campbell’s My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything)

Who am I?

Before you can answer that question, you need to know what you are, we’ll start with what. You are fundamentally consciousness having experiences in a virtual reality.


You might think that your consciousness emerges from your body, specifically from your brain, but it can’t.

Nothing non-physical can be directly generated from the physical, if you think it can then please explain how to make a rock conscious. Try to make anything without consciousness behave truly consciously, I doubt you will succeed.

You could look at a painting and get an original idea, that is something non-physical from something physical, but it’s not directly from the physical, the idea came from you interpreting sensory data in your consciousness and forming the idea in your consciousness. It all took place in your conciousness.


Consciousness is that which processes experiential data from the senses and the mind. It processes or interprets data in order to give meaning to it, creating information from the raw data.

Consciousness is non-physical, your thoughts, love, sadness, intuition, imagination are all non-physical and you can express these physically.

You have experiences because consuming data is a great way to generate information. The information you generate can help you to become more informed, grow, learn, see a bigger picture, a larger reality and those include more opportunity. You survive better, prosper, love and care for others, multiply, have children, become unconditional love.

Consciousness is an information system

Information is fundamentally digital, the smallest units of data are bits, either 0 or 1, on/off, black/white. Complex data is encoded in long streams of bits.

Consciousness is a digital data streaming system that processes data into meaningful information in order to survive.

All information systems require information to exist and evolve in order to survive. Consciousness evolves by reducing entropy (a measure of disorder or chaos), chaotic random data has high entropy and low ability to cause an effect. Structured, organized data has low entropy and more ability to cause an effect.

The ability to cause an effect is called energy in physical reality and it’s called intent in consciousness. The more entropy you can reduce the more effective your intent becomes.

Virtual reality

We can already imagine and then create a programmed physics rendering engine in a 3D space-time simulation that looks and behaves realistically but that is a virtual reality, it’s not fundamentally physical.

But if we were living inside such a simulation we would think reality is physical, it would seem fundamentally real but it would still be virtual.

As soon as you design rules for a simulation you can create a reality that follows the rules. Inside a simulation, the rules of the simulation apply.

Physics tries to uncover these rules using mathematics and experiments. Quantum mechanics is to date the closest we can get to these rules and for a 100 years experiments have shown that reality is based on information.
We are almost understanding that physical material reality is information at it’s fundamental level. And that is the very definition of a virtual reality.

So, what are you?

You are fundamentally consciousness having experiences in a virtual reality.

Consciousness is alive

A quick definition of ‘alive’ is the condition that distinguishes from non-living, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, activity, and continual (self) change. Consciousness has all these attributes. Consciousness inhabits any system capable of sustaining it, if it also provides opportunity for entropy reduction. It reduces entropy in order to survive, so it naturally inhabits systems that are good for entropy reduction. You are the larger systems strategy for entropy reduction. A great way of doing this is by having experiences, interacting with reality and other consciousness units in a virtual reality.

This interaction creates traction, feedback, content, meaning, value and novelty and it drives evolution forward. But everything (physical or non-physical) left alone, will gradually increase entropy and finally evaporate to chaos (random data with less or no meaning).

It takes effort or work or intent to reduce entropy.

You are more than you are in this (virtual) reality. At birth you start processing the data streaming to you, that you eventually interpret as reality. Experience presents you with choices. You interpret the data and you use your intent to make your free will choices from the options in your decision space. The result is either decreasing or increasing entropy. If your entropy decreases then you grow up.

Free will is the ability to intend a choice from the options withing your decision space.

The system adds feedback to your data-stream so that you can evaluate your choices. It’s up to you, the system does not meddle with you unless it can help you reduce entropy. When the system helps we call it serendipity or synchronicity. The system will assist everybody that demonstrates being on a growth path and it sometimes injects data to indicate the path. The reason is (did you forget already) you are the systems strategy for entropy reduction, as you reduce your entropy, so too does the systems entropy. You always interpret everything so everything is subjective, even the objective is subjective because you are still interpreting data. Objective is merely approximately or statistically objective. Information is interpreted data, you are that which interprets data, otherwise known as consciousness.

Some people like graphs.
Below is the fundamental cycle we are all operating in.

Below is how you can grow up.