Well…that escalated quickly.
Cam Fenton

Response to Vegan Posts

Is it just me or is the amount of stupidity in this guy’s posts about vegans incredible?

Let me explain:

Systematic Change
This guy tries to make the argument we need systematic change and not personal change/changing on the individual level. However, what system are we trying to change here? I think it is human behaviour, so how do we change that? 1 person at a time…. So I do not think the notion of “well, you’re just one person you can’t do sh*t” is incredibly far from the truth; to enact a systematic change it doesn’t happen instantaneously. Furthermore, I believe part of the idea of going vegan is, not only reduce emissions, but to boycott meat in a way - this is not affective on a macro scale until a lot of people do it, but it takes 1 person to start that systematic change. If enough people go vegan meat producers will have a lot of spoilage, have to increase prices, and then it may not be viable to produce on such a massive scale thereby reducing emission, which brings me to my next point.

The Info Graph Linked
If we take an objective look at the infographic this guy linked us to, what do we see? Well we see “Agriculture” at 13.5%, but we also see “Land Use Change” as 18.2% which 18.3% is “Deforestation”, I wonder what the #1 cause of deforestation is? Is it not agriculture, mostly for animals? I think it is. We can also observe in the category of “Waste” the sub-category “Wastewater, other waste” I would argue animal agriculture also contributes to that as well, another sub-category of “Food &Tabaco” could also contain some animal agriculture numbers. Did he not look at the infographic? Did he not connect these things?

Let us now take an objective look at the ones that can be contributed to oil. Oil/Gas Extraction, Refining, and Processing is at 6.3%, Transportation is at 13.5%, and what are the rest? Residential Buildings & Commercial buildings – I am willing to bet the author doesn’t have the money to retrofit his place with geothermal heating or solar panels. The rest is made up of other industrial processes that do not amount to much individually, but do add up.

So let us compare the two. Will people stop driving their cars? No. Will people buy electric cars? Maybe but doesn’t “Electricity & Heat” make up the 24.6%. Will people retrofit their houses/buildings for a greener solution? Probably not as it can be very expensive. What is cheapest and most effective way to reduce emission you ask? Oh it looks like “not eating meat” would be the answer. However, this is not to say that oil doesn’t play a part of the equation, it definitely does, but I think the idea is to try to make the most impact in the least amount of time.

Racism Claim
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that is probably too many “H’s” and “A’s” but I think you get the point.

To say veganism is racist is the stupidest thing I have heard in a while. How is it offensive to other people that you want to make a personal choice? If I chose to go to the gym is that racist against people that can’t afford a gym membership? Is it racist to be a Jehovah Witness? If I have a personal opinion, like veganism isn’t much of a contributor to reducing emission (which is clearly not my belief), is that racist? How are we defining “race” here? And if you want to get technical there are no “races”; race is a social construct made by humans. There is no biological differences (besides male and female obviously) that constitute “race”. I think he is trying to imply people try and push veganism onto other people (which is not racism), which in my experience, it is the opposite. When I announced I was going to go vegetarian/trying to go vegan I got a whole bunch of backlash “why would you do something like that?” I get flack at work “what do you got today? Oh nothing with quinoa in it, how are you going to survive?” so, to say veganism is racist is incredibly laughable. If you eat meat because you don’t have a choice, it is ingrained within your cultural/religion – that does not automatically mean you are complacent and do not want to reduce emission, there is more than one way.

Veganism and Health
So what does meat actually provide you with that plant based foods can’t? The answer is: Nothing.
You can get protein from beans and a variety of other sources if that is what you are worried about. In actuality there is an anthropological “holy trinity” that consists of beans, corn, and squash to get the nutrients you need to survive. But why just eat to survive? There are many ways you can eat a plant based diet to make it enjoyable and there are many reasons it can be safer, one of them being no worry of cross-contamination when cooking. It also takes a lot less space to grow plant based foods than it does to raise meat.

“Go out and Do Something” Notion
If you want to dedicate your life to the cause, this is a viable option. If you want to be more of a “passive contributor” a “dividend of climate change”, if you will, most people don’t have the time for this. I work full time and attend university full time; I do not have the time to go anywhere and try to help a movement. I can however, easily change my diet and when people inevitably ask “why did you decide to do that?” I can quickly explain it to them – if they think it’s cool and decide to hop onboard, sweet; if not, oh well, that is their choice. However, I am personally not dedicating my life to the cause, but I do think it is important to help.