A morning at Xavier Corberó’s place, Barcelona

Colonnades, arches, and sculptures. I have been wandering amongst them for a while. I am together with the magazine’s team at Xavier Corberó’s place (Barcelona, 1935) on a husky autumn morning. They whisper instructions and ideas to each other as they take pictures around the concrete porches on the patio. The sound of water echoes from a pond and a conclusive fragrance of gardenias fills the atmosphere. There are families of sculptures made from rough stones, brutal creatures leaning slightly as if they were having a chat.

HALLER LIVING Green credenza by USM, GIANT FLOW silk scarf by ZUZUNAGA and DRUM table by ALBERT GARCIA for LOBSTER’S DAY

Photographer Mari Luz portrays precious elements arranged around the architecture. Yanina, Andrew, and Diego stay close to her, seeking the best light. Observed from a few meters away it appears as if, at anytime, their gures could begin to levitate. I can’t tell amount of time we spend in the courtyard… But everything seems to rush when the bells from some church nearby ring solemnly, twelve times. We’re about to meet the master.

GRANITO wool and cashmere blanket by TEIXIDORS
SCANTLING floor and table lamps by MATHIAS HAHN for MARSET, CH24 WISHBONE chair
 by HANS J. WEGNER for CARL HANSEN & SONS and N.1 chair by MICHAEL THONET for GEBRUEDER THONET VIENNA, both from Casamitjana.

We wander, as in a museum, (and perhaps we are in a museum), admiring the group of sculptures on display around the room. The artist, Xavier Corberó, waits behind one of them. Formal presentation. He wears red socks, a burgundy jacket with an old-school handkerchief in his pocket, and a pin in the shape of a tiny star holds his tie.

Xavier Corberó at his house

Read the interview to Xavier Corberó in issue no. 6 of Openhouse.

Photography by MARI LUZ VIDAL