A short story of homes, Barcelona

How we all met is a funny story: I had found by Internet a home in Bilbao, when I had decided to move there 5 years ago…the girl of the flat was in Cuba at that time, and actually lived in Barcelona. Her boyfriend met me to give me the keys, as he lived most of the time in Gernika, 40 km away. So I was alone in this apartment, in the middle of the most “interesting” area of Bilbao…but I was lucky, I already had a job in one of the coolest shops in Spain, and that weekend I had made a wonderful group of friends.

In the early morning of the second Sunday I was there, I started to hear noises, the furniture moving above, and then people shouting. I tried to sleep, thinking that I was in Beirut or some other warzone. Twenty minutes later someone came knocking at my door: I really had no intention to open it, my Spanish was non existent at that time, and I had no clue what was going on. But I went to the door. There was me, half asleep and in nothing but my underwear, and a girl with tears running down her face, crying “fuego, fuego” and pointing upstairs. What is this fuego, then I clicked…FIRE.

Half naked on the street, calling Gixon the owner of the flat, who came to get me at 5am, and asking myself what had I got myself into.

The next day 2 boys that I had met one week before told me I could live with them, and one is one of my best friends till this day, and during two years in Bilbao I met with Gixon and Mari Luz a couple of times, to have dinner or have a drink.

After Bilbao, I spent a bit of time in Italy and London, and then one day I decided to move to Barcelona. I wrote to Mari Luz, asking if she knew of any room for rent. And that’s how I came to live with her. The flat was tiny one, 3 small bedrooms of a small living room with a small kitchen and a bathroom you really can’t call a room, and for being on the top floor, it didn’t have too much light either…but it was cute….Oh, it had a 100m2 terrace too, with views of the whole city.

This is a brief piece of the story about how Openhouse Project started, which it can be read at our first issue launched in 2014. Sold out in our online shop, some of our stockists still have some of them available in their points of sale.

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Photography by MARI LUZ VIDAL