Vetsjalland, Denmark

The way we eat today: we take eggs trays from the shelf in the supermarket (from hens that had a short and miserable life), and then we hide the carton away in the fridge at home. We do not look, feel or smell food anymore. Food is not visible and it isn’t cooked in the kitchen. However, if you draw your attention to the edible biodiversity, you will find that many people are curious about growing food and farming.

This leads us to a very special smallholder farm: Muld-short cutting (the way form farm to fork) so short that you are very welcome to eat while keeping your wellies on! Located in the eastern part of Denmark, Muld is along the northern latitudes, out in the fertile soil. Muld means soil.

Muld is owned by Ane Rørdam and Jens Vestegaard Jensen. Ane is originally a fashion designer, while Jens is a Michelin chef and former founder of the restaurants Ensemble, Luns and Mêlée in Copenhagen. They are a couple with strong opinions about self-suffency, ecology, seed-saving, and food quality.

The first Sunday of every month, the farm is open for guests to drop by and follow the changing of seasons on the farm and on the plate. Muld guests are served freshly harvested vegetables and herbs, homemade canned goods, and charcuterie from Muld’s own animals. Families from Copenhaguen, chefs, farmers, food producers, gardeners, food lovers, all come from near and far, and many locals from the area have also rediscovered the new and beautiful farm.

Read the whole story in Issue No.4 of Openhouse magazine.

Lunch and styling by MARIE HERTZ


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