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So you want to store your crypto assets — but how should you do it? The answer to that question depends on who you are, how many assets you have to store, and what method is the most comfortable option for you.

1- Store on exchanges:

If you buy or sell or trade the crypto assets via centralized exchanges, you know that you have to send your coins/tokens to the exchange, where they will be held under the agreement of IOU. So, you will not have any control on those coins, it would be sent to the exchanges crypto wallets.

So far, exchanges are…

A hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies.
A hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies.
OPOLO Cosmos (Hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies)

If you want to buy a hardware wallet, there are a few things that you should know before making a purchase. First thing first, as a user, it makes sense to store your crypto assets/digital currencies securely so that you can ensure that no one can access your crypto assets even if they got physical access to your hardware wallet.

Have you ever thought about the security of your bank card, credit card or debit card given by the bank to you? How does VISA or Mastercard make sure that no one else out there can copy their cards? Why…

A hardware wallet in different colors
A hardware wallet in different colors
OPOLO Cosmos colors

Once upon a time, hardware wallets were just a thing of imagination. Then they were created and they weren’t all that great. Enough time has passed, however, that there can be a truly great hardware wallet. Of the best hardware wallets, OPOLO Cosmos stands out among the crowd.

OPOLO Cosmos was made by security professionals who have many decades of security experience. Even further, we have completed an external security audit of the device, so you get the most secure hardware wallet on the market.

OPOLO Cosmos comes with a single wallet application that can be installed on Windows, Linux…

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Though there are many more reasons to choose OPOLO Cosmos for your hardware wallet. In fact, there are many more than 5, but we had to pick the ones that we thought were most important. This information doesn’t just pertain to our wallet — they are things you should consider if you are buying any hardware wallet.

1- Make Sure It Has The Highest level of Secure Element (SE) Certification: EAL6+

OPOLO Cosmos is the first hardware wallet that had an external security audit by a well-known European security company. In addition to that, we don’t rely on that alone, we have also used SE in OPOLO Cosmos with the highest level of the…

Have you ever heard of a hardware wallet? Or a cold storage wallet? If you haven't, you are not alone. If you are new to the crypto scene, it is highly likely that you never had to know about these things before — but now you do.

A hardware wallet is a special type of crypto wallet that stores the user’s private keys in a secure electronic device.

They have major advantages over standard software wallets:

Private key storage in Secure controller (SE)

Private keys are often stored in a secure micro-controller called secure element (SE), and cannot be transferred…

OPOLO Cosmos

All about security of hardware wallets

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