Tea is, of course, the most important part of my day.

An honest, no-nonsense toolkit for digital marketers, social media managers & growth hackers of all kinds

Our community + acquisitions manager Niamh O’Doherty shares her best tip for newly-hired digital marketeers and social media mavens…

When I started my first job in community management, I got addicted to something pretty fast. No, it wasn’t tea, though heaven knows I drank enough Barry’s to fill the Irish Sea. It was blog posts about what sites, services and extensions I should use to become the best possible community manager I could be.

Chances are, if you’re reading this blogpost, you’re in the same boat.

I must have read four or five articles a day on listening apps, development blogs and must-have Chrome extensions; before long, my bookmarks were filled to bursting and my toolbar was stuffed. I was drowning in information.

Okay, so it didn’t look like this migraine- inducing disaster, but it was close.

It was weeks before I was finally able to kick the habit and narrow my toolkit to just a few incredibly useful sites. And, because I don’t want you to waste the time I did, here’s that list: the bookmarks, extensions and shortcuts that make my working day a hell of a lot easier.

Enjoy. Share. Tell me what I did missed. And then go and watch The Great British Bake-Off with all the time you’ve saved.

TweetDeck/Hootsuite or similar

Without fail, it’s the first site I open on my laptop every morning. Great for both interacting with your community and following the latest trends — either platform is good, but I lean more towards TweetDeck simply because of its design.


Because yes, you’re sick of those ad videos on YouTube — but also because it’s vital to see what your user sees, and the majority of them will use some form of blocking software. It underlines the important of (good) content marketing — don’t annoy your users with blaring ads when you could entice them with some meaningful content.

Full Page Screen Capture

Because you really should be saving every advertorial, competition and blog post that mentions your brand — when you’re fresh out of ideas in a year or two, you’ll be able to scan your records and see what worked last time around.


A newbie to my must-have list, but I’d be lost without it. Schedule emails to send whenever you want, and mark messages to pop back up in your inbox at a specific time. You’ll never lose track of a thread again.


(Or ‘Mail….krimp?’ to Serial fans.) The original and still the best — the easiest way to design impactful, trackable newsletters to send to your community.

Email Extractor

Great for grabbing entries on Facebook or Instagram when you’re looking to pick a competition winner.

Google Drive

No server? No problem. Google Drive is our home-from-home — perfect for collaborating on calendars, proposals and slide decks.

There’s a few other bits that I use on occasion —Send to Kindle for longform reads on the bus home, the Pin-It Button for rapid sharing, Soundcloud for must-listen remixes of the Liveline theme — but the above list is the best place to get started for any newbie in the social media/digital marketing space.

Best of luck, and enjoy your newly slimmed-down bookmarks bar!