Asians Do Not Require Any Visa To Visit Canada

Now this comes as a surprise and indeed good news for people who are planning to apply for a visit visa to visit Canada to meet their loved ones or to attend a business conference. Worried what if your visa gets rejected? And thinking your plans may get ruined due to visa refusal. The days are gone, you do not have to worry about your visa refusal as per the new Canadian policy Asian’s do not require a visit visa to visit Canada for 90 days.

Cannot believe this right? But it’s true, as per the 2016 Tourist Arrivals and Receipts report noted that Asians were 80% contributors to Canada’s tourism revenue with only 2% immigration risk. In a recent interview Mr. Bardish Chagger, the Minister of Small Business and Tourism of Canada said, “We expect the immigration risk to reduce and also have revenue contributed increase in the coming year. Allowing them free on visa would make it more attractive; hence increase in arrivals and receipts.”

As per CBN-TV reports, this new visa free travel would come into force from 1st December 2016, however no official news have been flashed on the CIC website regarding this new visa, but if this visa comes into existence then Canada will re-write the history of visit visas and immigration.