Canada Immigrant skilled workers percentage is gradually growing

Geographically the landscape of Canada is the second largest in the world with the population almost 3,65,32,066.

Canada is the multicultural country with different immigrants from various countries; approximately 24.5 % of the people in Canada are foreign born population.

The percentage of the immigrant population is increasing gradually; the statics shows that in 2015 nearly 272,000 immigrants moved to this country, in 2016 the number moved up to 304,000, the Canada government and Immigration department are activating steps forward to increase the more immigrants into the Canada and to boost the economic standards.

What is the reason Canada is in need of more immigrants?

Canada wanted as possible as more immigrants to move in; there are various factors applicable for this:

  • The population in Canada is minuscule
  • Geographically second biggest in the world
  • Canada population is aging
  • To increase the economic situation

Because of the large immigration policy, Canada has become the multi-cultural land, yes it is a fact that diverse culture would affect the country native culture, but Canada is distinctive in this aspect and welcome all types of customs and traditions, and Canada is happy for this as long as international skilled workers in Canada contributing their efforts to improve the Canadian economy.