I’d rather be Next Door

A cafe in St Andrews balances brand heritage with being its own thing.

A few years ago, we created the brand identity for a restaurant housed in a beautiful old post office in St Andrews.

Before it was a post office (and definitely before it was a restaurant), the building was home to Dr John Adamson, a physician and pioneer photographer.

When it came to naming the restaurant — often the trickiest part of any branding job — this time, the answer came quite naturally. John’s blue plaque was proudly displayed on the building’s exterior — and The Adamson was born.

With business as healthy as a kale and flax smoothie, the proprietors wanted to open a cafe next door to the restaurant. David Bennett, Creative Director at OPX, explains. “Our job was to create a brand that would excite the St Andrews’ student population while retaining a connection to The Adamson, which has a great reputation in the town.”

Say what you see

Once again, the name came naturally. This new brunch spot would be right next door to The Adamson, so that’s what we suggested calling it: Next Door. Memorable, laid-back and a touch irreverent, it hits both our ‘student’ and ‘heritage’ briefs.

Generation Avocado

If The Adamson is candlelight and fine wine, Next Door is sunlight and strong coffee. Our design is suitably bright-eyed and bushy tailed. It was devised by resident OPX millennial Steven Allen, who picks up the story. “The colour palette balances crisp white and pastel green with a vibrant dark coral border. It’s a minimal brand that uses language in a unique way to connect the sister brands.”

Type is also in coral and strictly lowercase (capitals are for Boomers), while all food photography looks fresh from the Insta feed of a well-fed influencer.

The tone of voice is similarly playful, as OPX Senior Writer Joe Richardson explains. “Brunch is a serious business, but it’s not that serious. We kept the copy relaxed and fun with a dash of mischief. Our tone and messaging lets St Andrews students know that Next Door is the perfect spot to regroup after the night before or recharge after a long week at uni.”

Next Door is now open on St Andrews’ famous South Street. If the food at The Adamson is anything to go by, we can’t wait to get up there.


“After working with OPX on The Adamson brand, it’s great to continue the relationship by creating an exciting identity for Next Door. We love the OPX creative approach and very much enjoy working together.”

Julie Lewis, Owner, Next Door