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Mar 29 · 3 min read

We reinvigorate ambitious brands and invent new futures, for clients who are determined to push things forward.

So when last night our work was selected as one of the best rebranding projects in Europe at the prestigious Transform Awards Europe 2019, it was great to hear that our peers believe we’re delivering on our promise.

We were awarded Gold in the ‘best visual identity from the professional services sector’ category for our work with Steer, marking a fitting end to 18 months of collaboration with the business consultancy.

We were also awarded Highly Commended for ‘best brand development project to reflect changed mission/values/positioning’ for the same project.

How it all came together As soon as we started talking to the then-named Steer Davies Gleave in 2017, it was clear there was massive potential. They knew it too. But as an organisation driven by meticulous process and a strong policy of analysis before action, they weren’t about to take a blind leap of faith just because a creative agency told them to.

The client needed a clear rationale for every recommendation, however small, and we were happy to supply exactly that. It wasn’t that they needed hand-holding because of nervousness or naivety. They simply wanted absolute confidence that the brave journey we intended to take them on — from risk-averse traditionalism to progressive reinvention — was the right one.

Which is how transport consultants Steer Davies Gleave became: Steer, specialists exploring the future of how we live, to help people, places and economies thrive.

Evolution of the brand Dozens of stakeholder interviews, workshops, company-wide surveys, competitor reviews and peer benchmarking gave the decision-makers at Steer the rigorous research they needed to green-light major changes. And once they saw the depth of our strategic thinking, they were hungry to see how our creative would bring it to life.

The result was a new name, proposition, inspiring internal manifesto and fresh visual identity for a firm now positioned to tackle ‘complex questions with powerful answers’. And while yesterday’s awards was of course a great conclusion to the project, it’s always the client’s reaction that means the most.

“Within the first two weeks it was obvious OPX had ‘diagnosed’ the characteristics of our rather quirky, complex business,”

Mike Goggin, UK Managing Director at Steer, told us. “This understanding and empathy to our culture and proposition immediately built confidence and trust.

“Thank you for your support, patience, creativity and good humour through this significant effort. Steer now has a positive and appropriate platform upon which to continue to build its offer further and grow the company internationally.”

The Transform Awards Europe have been running for a decade, recognising excellence and rewarding creativity, strategic thought and innovation in branding. They are hosted by Transform Magazine.


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