Explore the standards-based scalable identifiers and encrypted data storage tools that power Transmute’s product.

Transmute is proud to announce the release of several new technical workbenches as a part of our continued commitment to open-standards development, interoperability, and product transparency. …

As a company, Transmute is deeply committed to open standards and open
source software development. Not only does standardization accelerate
commercialization, but adhering to technical standards protects companies
— by ensuring a level of rigor and security agreed upon by technical and
industry experts, while mitigating the risks of vendor…

In this post, we’ll explore how JSON-LD is used in a number of contexts including decentralized identity and verifiable credentials. We’ll also cover the basics of what you should know before using JSON-LD and how you can contribute to software and standards that rely on it.

Throughout this post we’ll…

Well Known DID Configuration

Transmute is excited to work with other DIF members to help link DIDs to domain names. We’ve been working on a proposal that will support linking arbitrary DID methods to a domain like example.com.

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But why do businesses need to link DIDs to their domain?

One simple answer…

“The system is meant to move credentials into the digital realm, enabling employers to issue credentials to workers, and verify and manage worker credentials instantly via blockchain. When a person shares a credential by applying for a job, the blockchain in Workday Credentials can verify that the credential is valid and hasn’t been revoked.”

If you don’t know about Sidetree yet, you can read about Transmute’s implementation Element, or you can dive into the protocol itself.

At Transmute, we are not decentralization purists. We believe that emerging tech, and especially DLT / blockchain, has the most immediate value if it augments and extends legacy…

At Transmute, we are enjoying working with some of the smartest engineers at Microsoft on a decentralized public key infrastructure protocol called Sidetree. The Transmute team on the Ethereum version; we call it Element. You can read more about it here and see the code here.

Transmute views Sidetree as…

Transmute has been actively helping develop the Truebit Toolchain. We are proud to contribute to one of the core scaling solutions for blockchain: secure off-chain computation.

If you are not familiar with Truebit, this medium post does a great job of introducing the concept, start here.

The following details what…

A spike is a product-testing method originating from Extreme Programming that uses the simplest possible program to explore potential solutions [1].

Everybody loves testing.

If you are like me, you have been trying to figure out how to test react-apollo and redux components, because you care.

Want the code? Skip to Github.

Along the way, you probably found a bunch of blog posts telling you enzyme is cool these days [1].

Orie Steele

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