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As the hottest technological topic this year, facial recognition (FR) has been a controversial matter, garnering questions about its scientific use, the interest of government security services and how it could be used illicitly. However, those important questions aside, we want to look at it from another way by sharing the top-10 facial recognition solutions for business.

1. Blacklists

First of all, facial recognition technology can be used to prevent ineligible people from entering a store or business, which we have made possible by using blacklists. …

The development of artificial intelligence systems is an engine that has evolved from a futuristic fairytale into a central piece of today’s digital, technological and social landscape. It makes everything becomes better for human beings and simplifies our daily routines.

Nowadays, the hottest technology of artificial intelligence is computer vision — and especially facial recognition. It has one of the highest practical and technical capacities. Biometrical data that can be obtained sets a new groundbreaking kind of data for tons of solutions in different fields and industries.

As a company that brings totally new types of tools to business intelligence, constantly explores new ways of implementing innovative tech in day-to-day life and continuously researches how the “old” type of market is reacting to this innovation, it was extremely interesting for us to meet another company that operates with this new technology. During Mobile World Congress (MWC), we were happy to share some insights with PayXpert. We had a long conversation, sharing some real-life cases of the non-consumer market and the future of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in it.

PayXpert is a payment provider company, which which has…

2018 was a great year for technical development, and the beginning of 2019 is the best time to cover the hottest advancements.

A month ago, one of the biggest global events took place: the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019.

Four days, 10 pavilions, 170,000 participants, 198 countries and territories, and an endless amount of amazement.

This year became the 32nd meeting of the congress and the 13th time it was held in Spain. Every year, Barcelona brings together global giants and young, innovative market players of the mobile industry: mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners.


Designers support millennials to be anonymous.

Nowadays, facial recognition has one of the highest practical and technical capacities. However, public reaction is mixed: Many are not prepared for the technological advancement, blaming developers of surveillance and taking away the understanding of the privacy. This was pretty predictable, though, as there has not been any innovation that hasn’t been met by people positively at the very first days of presentation: Neophobia, or the fear of new things, is a relatively complicated phobia, but is as old as time.

Face ID by Apple installed on the iPhone X in 2017 took the…


Facial Recognition Solutions

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