ORCA Community Games: Round I

The aim of the game is to grow our Telegram group by inviting people to it.

First round will take place from 9th to 19th of February.

**ORCA Community Growth Game**

  • Easy to play. Who gets the most points — wins the game;
  • 1 point is given for every invited person;
  • The person has to stay in the group for a month at least, otherwise will not be counted;
  • No force-invites;
  • Only invite real people. Creating fake accounts is so 2008 :D
  • Share love.


1st — Ledger Nano S (shipped wherever needed), 2000 ORCA Tokens

2nd — 1500 ORCA Tokens

3rd — 500 ORCA Tokens

**Select “Add member” after clicking on group info. Please make sure you invite people the correct way — just giving them a link won’t do since we won’t be able to see that it was you who invited that person.**

Feeling lazy? Don’t like games?

We are giving 100 tokens. For just a few questions.

Yep, that awesome. https://orcasurvey.typeform.com/to/ccYc16

Go and beat everyone else, or you’ll be the one bitting the dust!

#contest #telegram #OrcaGames

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