Welcome EOS Nation to the ORE Network Block Producers Community!

We’re excited to announce that EOS Nation, the leading block producer on the EOS, WAX and Ultra network, will join the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Network community as a block producer.

ORE block producers play an integral role in the operation and verification of the Open Rights Exchange. Attracting a block producer of EOS Nation’s caliber marks a milestone for the ORE Network.

“As part of our mission to help secure strong EOSIO networks, EOS Nation is proud to join the ORE Network as a block producer. We look forward to supporting ORE’s efforts as an EOSIO leader in managing identities and digital assets across multiple chains,” explains EOS Nation Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer Stephane Bisson.

The Open Rights Exchange is built for decentralized identities, assets and rights. ORE Network works cross-chain with EOS, Ethereum, Algorand and more to connect Web 2.0 identities to Web 3.0 — allowing everyone, everywhere to easily use blockchain technology.

EOS Nation joins the leading industry block producers including DecentralBank, Infinitybloc, AIKON and the recent addition of liquiid to help us optimize the ORE chain. Thanks to the efforts of these BPs, ORE has been running with zero downtime for over two years.

If you’re interested in becoming an ORE Block Producer, contact us at team@ore.network.

About the Open Rights Foundation: Built in partnership with AIKON, the Open Rights Exchange is built to be simple to use and compatible with all chains. A single password — not a key — is provided as the entry to not just the Open Rights Exchange, but to all other chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Algorand and EOS — with even more chains being added every quarter.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub | LinkedIn | Youtube

About EOS Nation: EOS Nation is on a mission to secure EOSIO blockchains with reliable infrastructure and to build a global community equipped with the tools and resources to thrive. We’re committed to leading and contributing to projects that add value to the ecosystem.




A purpose built blockchain optimized for managing secure identities, access and digital assets across chains.

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ORE Network

ORE Network

A purpose built blockchain optimized for managing secure identities, access and digital assets across chains.

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