Boa vista de manhã

The sun is shining mildly, and I’m high on a rock, participating in a yoga class. Part of a hiking trip organized by a company of friend of mine, on the “trilha da pedra bonita”. It’s autumn and I’m still in Rio de Janeiro. It’s spring in Europe, but it feels like a great Belgian summer here. Yes, I’m definitely in a great climate. Even though it will be my last 2 months in Brazil, for a while.

When I became a nomad last Christmas, there were ideas on how to do it and plans were made. Some have changed others are still as strong as a rock. What’s for sure though is that I want to write more about my thoughts, my work and my experiences in general. Shorter, more intuitive and raw. Something that should feel natural to me, once it’s turned into a habit.

One of the many views from “trilha da pedra bonita”. I’m also happy with my toe-shoes, bought about half a year ago. Switching between walking barefoot and these shoes is all I need regarding footwear, even though you might not be allowed into a Forró party.

Habits are funny and something I was thinking about lately, together with perspective and how it relates to empathy. I often said that I’m not a morning person. There were moments in my life however that I had to wake up early for an extended period, and it was never hard to get used to it.

They say it takes a couple of months to form a habit. I don’t think I ever tried to wake up early for that long. Perhaps we are partly our habits, which gives more weight to the fact to the theory that what we are is flexible. So maybe when I say that I’m a morning person, I should actually say: I never got into the habit of waking up as early as a farmer and her chickens.

Today I had to wake up at 6, which really felt as a punishment right until the moment I went outside. The otherwise so crazy and chaotic Rio de Janeiro was so peaceful. It almost felt like a normal place.

Either way, a lot of time has a past since last time I wrote. Emotionally I had my ups and down. My first independent and commercial software product is about to launch, which might turn me into an entrepreneur after all. I did some voluntary work with children and helped with starting up a free informatics course. I explored Rio de Janeiro City on an intimate level.

In order to become a nomad, I also had to switch to a freelancer position, in order to work remotely with the freedom that my new lifestyle required. The first 3 months of my remote job went good, which gave Exient the confidence to extend my contract for another 6 months. It took a while to get into the habit, but 2 to 3 months definitely sounds about right.

As you can see a lot of good stuff is happening, putting me in a happy place. A place that feels natural to me. Even though it sometimes feels weird when reflecting about it and how it all feels so normal while it really isn’t. Over the next few weeks I’ll write some articles about some of the stuff that happened over the course of the last 2 months, and some of the more contemporary ones.

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