How Decentralized Intelligence Could Improve Society

Year 2050: A group of trillionaires own almost all of the AI-powered, fully-robotized plants and autonomous farms in the world and billions of second-class unemployed citizens are surviving with social-rating-based basic income. Does this sound like a dystopian Black Mirror scenario? Perhaps, but the acceleration of technological innovation and a growing asymmetry in wealth distribution do not bode well for the future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) already steers airplanes, drones and missiles. It can instantaneously recognize thousands of people within crowded areas. AI for business will mean algorithms solving and automating complex decision-making processes, decisions…

Fabio Zoffi - ORS GROUP

Born in Venice, Italy and living in Munich, Germany. Tech entrepreneur and Chairman of the ORS GROUP, a pioneer in A.I. and Blockchain —

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