Loneliness — a growing chronic societal disease amongst ageing western populations (which is also trickling into the younger generation). 2 ways of known combating~ 1. digital companions aka “robot friends” or “robot pets”, or 2. move to more socially friendly countries ie SE Asia nations. The problem will only compound as a greater percentage of the population enters their senior retirement age, combined with worsening of the housing market that makes it impractical for most to be able to afford to be homeowners (average price of £665,000 whereas 20 years ago it was under 1/6 of that value?). These statistics are worsening each generation. Factor in that the experiment of the last 2 centuries has led to a massive spike in rent-mediated mental health problems (also increasing, at an alarmingly exponential rate, according to the latest data). It is a growing trend for landlords not to allow pets for renters (another factor to worsening mental health). Has the Western model of living failed humanity? Most of my findings points to a yes, to date. But that’s not to say it can’t change in the future (I’d say it is still better than say, living under Sharia law or under the N Korean regime).

I am grimmly reminded of the Mouse Utopia Experiment… Or should I say DYStopia.

by Vincent Ventura

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