There Is Only One True Web Designer Near You

Being a Web Designer in Ocean Springs (and near you), I can safely say that I am THE BEST web designer in all of Southern Mississippi.

There is me and then there is everyone else.

My name is J.R. Foster and I am an expert Web Designer from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

I excel in generating profits and wealth for businesses all along the south/gulf coast of Mississippi.

I find that many business owners near me don’t truly know how to operate and expand their business (especially in the digital world).

It’s not easy.

But it sure it a lot of fun when I see the look and expression on that person’s face when they realize how much I’ve helped them grow their business.

At first, many view me as being arrogant and too young to be doing what I do (I’m only 16 as of writing this very sentence).

But for the ones who get past this blockade, they see me for who I truly am: a salesman.

I excel in selling.

Everyone Sells

The baby asking for candy is “selling”.

The person enrolling for a job is “selling” to the employer that their skills are adequate for the job that they are applying for.

Everything in this world is selling and I’m thankful that I read enough books to know how (I also find that many business owners near me in Ocean Springs don’t read; this brings major problems).

I Don’t Think You Should Hire Me

So, to sum this all up, I’d like to say one thing: don’t hire me.


Because I don’t think you’re ready for me.

I do what I do very well and there’s no one in all of South Mississippi who can beat me.

I generate assets, large profits, and massive (online and offline) publicity for my prospects.



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