If You’re Posting on Trump but not about…

Let’s start with the latest numbers, so we frame the conversation about how to expend our limited voice and energy this election cycle within the reality that Sec. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be our next President unless something drastic happens to her campaign over the next three months.

Chances of winning 538 8/6: Clinton : 83.4%, Trump: 16.6%, Johnson: <.1%

Chance of winning NYT’s the Upshot on 8/7: Clinton: 83%, Trump: 17%

No toss ups Electoral College RCP: Clinton/Kaine: 346, Trump/Pence: 192

No toss ups Senate RCP: Democrats 49 (+3), Republicans: 52 (-3)

If you’re posting on the latest foul thing Trump said but not about any of the following, ask yourself, Why?. If you’re posting on the latest foul thing Trump said but not acting to oppose him, the hatred he enables, and the systems he represents — not just because he has an (R) temporarily next to his name, but because you are engaged in oppositional and alternative-enabling community-based work on a year-in-year-out basis — ask yourself, Why not?

Here are three important areas of work that will defeat Trump without giving Sec. Clinton a free hand to impose some of the policies he is proposing, as she has done in the past:

Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania (for my Marylanders and New Yorkers!), Wisconsin.

  • How to Sec. Hillary Clinton — the likely 45th President of the United States, by a 3:1 margin according to the best pollster analyst out there (who is wrong less often than anyone else), Nate Silver — to the left on issues where her past actions in office are similar to Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail, such as:

Mass deportation; killing “terrorists’” family members, opposing LGBTQ+ rights except when it is domestically and geopolitically expedient (as in after Biden came out for gay marriage in the lead up to the 2012 Sochi Olympic Games in Russia); mass incarceration and the criminalization of African descended people; a militaristic interventionist foreign policy that blows people up and/or topples governments first and asks questions later (Afghanistan, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, and others); the failed war on drugs/war on the poor, Black, and Brown; prioritizing the profit of fossil fuel companies over climate change scientists dire predictions thru support of fracking and other pro-industry policies; prioritizing the profits of banks and investment firms over the future solvency of the economy by supporting Wall St deregulation and bailouts; prioritizing the Pentagon’s influence and budget over all other Executive Departments, as demonstrated by her tenure in the Senate and at the State Department; supporting the death penalty; supporting Wal-mart by sitting on its Board and all corporations thru neoliberal trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, and (until recently, maybe) the TPP that gut labor unions, the environment, and human rights; corporate and billionaire access over campaign finance reform; and on and on.

  • How to build alternatives so in ‘20 or ‘24 we have better viable options:

By researching, evaluating, and potentially getting involved with third party campaigns (either down ballot or federally); taking that Bernie reverence into remaining primaries (like in Florida’s 8/30 Democratic Senate Primary, where one of the most progressive members of the House, Alan Grayson, is challenging establishment-backed Patrick Murphy, one of the most conservative Democrats in the House) and the pending Senate leadership shuffle that will happen when Leader Harry Reid and Appropriations Committee Chair Barbara Mikulski retire this year (progressives should be backing Sen. Dick Durbin for Leader, Bernie for Chair of Appropriations, and Sen. Ron Wyden for Chair of Budget); opposing police brutality, subsidizing corporate profits with public funds, or a host of other local problems enabled by municipal and state mainstream-Democrats and Republicans alike; building grassroots community-accountable power at the local level.

We can post whatever we want from the comfort of our living rooms, but if we’re not doing as much as we could be to oppose Trump, let’s ask ourselves, Why? And if you’re working to defeat Trump by electing Clinton, but are doing little to ensure her policies align with your own, ask yourself, Why not?