I Did #AskGaryVee and He Delivered

Social media is a storm that the world didn’t see coming. It has become a powerhouse in the media industry and is utilized in every day life. Whether you’re using your social platforms for business, pleasure, or hobby, Gary Vaynerchuk is the guru for all social media related topics. His book #AskGaryVee focuses on all aspects of social media as a tool in the media industry and his presence online is massive. With a net worth of ten million dollars, it is easy to see that Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge influencer in the social climate of today’s news. He has tips on nearly every social platform and an impressive following on each. This post is going to give you an overview of everything this man has to offer on social media related topics.

I personally hadn’t thought of social media in a business aspect before coming to the University of Florida. It has always been something that has been integrated into my life, beginning with MySpace back in my middle school era. This is how many Millennials interact with social media; it is a tool used for communication and strictly personal means. After deciding upon advertising as my area of study, I began to really shape the type of professional I want to be. I took the course Social Media Management with the hopes that I could prepare myself for a professional environment and polish up my own pages. Reading Gary’s book has been one of the most beneficial parts of this course and I took away a few important lessons from the material.

The first lesson I found extremely relevant from his book is that social media is an ever-changing beast. It is constantly growing and shifting from one platform to the next. In chapter 9, he states, “In the time it takes you to utter one sentence, they’ve usually changed again.” I have personally seen this throughout my time as a social media user. From the end of MySpace to the rise of Facebook, my age group has seen many platforms come and go. With social media being such a new concept, it’s hard to see what the perfect formula is for a social media platform. Instagram offers photo sharing on a mobile platform, while LinkedIn offers connections for the user’s professional field. These platforms are popular now, but they can very easily change in the next few years. As a social media practitioner, you have to be able to adapt and present yourself in the best light across any medium. I personally love photographs, but I am also able to uphold my personality through text on Wordpress.

The second lesson I loved learning from Gary Vaynerchuk is about leadership. Leadership comes in so many forms and even Gary recognizes it is perhaps one of his most valuable lessons to share. I connected with his quote from chapter 14 where he says, “Everything in business stems from the top, whether you’re the boss of two people or a three-person team or the head of a Fortune 500 company.” This is a lesson I will remember for the entirety of my career. I have always tried to put myself into a leadership role and there have been so many times I want to pass the blame onto someone else. He emphasizes the importance of responsibility and that the CEO is always responsible. This is always important to remember when handling business affairs and especially when dealing with social media. You must be responsible for every single thing you post and rely on yourself for your own successes. When leading a team, you are the person putting each team member in their position and thus acting as their boss. I know that in the future, I hope to be managing larger teams and creating a successful workspace for my employees.

The third lesson that #AskGaryVee taught me is that perfection is not always the recipe for success. When responding to a question regarding when to post content on a website, he noted that it can certainly be helpful to wait until a website is perfected before selling content. Though, he then touches on the other side of this strategy. Without alerting the larger competitors, a company can grow wildly while appearing chaotic from the outside. This is something that I love about strategic uses of social media and the Internet. Just as Gary says, this allows for creative room to grow and also misleads your competitors into thinking there’s no threat. I’m hoping I will one day be able to start my own smaller online business and this will be something I keep in mind when I’m preparing to disburse my product.

For the fourth and final lesson, I am pulling from all of Gary Vaynerchuk’s social media accounts to look at the main similarity. As I looked at his videos and text, one thing is glaringly obvious; Gary Vee is an individual. He is someone who is charismatic when speaking and straightforward when offering his wisdom on social media topics. He has taught me that the most important thing to be is you. As cliché as that might sound, it can really help when creating an online presence and to build up a loyal audience. Something that nearly every viewer looks for in a social media user today is a genuine atmosphere. I know that my favorite YouTube users are typically people who have stuck true to their individual styles and always make me feel at home watching their videos. For Gary Vee, his style is one that demonstrates an energetic personality and his advice always comes from a place of experience.

Gary Vaynerchuk is someone that I now look up to in the social media world. His ability to capture viewers and connect with them on a professional level utilizing multiple platforms is something to be admired. Since I am just about to embark on a new journey as a professional, I hope that social media can be a one of my strengths when working in the advertising industry. Gary Vee taught me that social media is always changing, being a leader is a rewarding position, perfection isn’t what matters most, and the best type of person you can be is yourself. Next time you have questions or just want to broaden your horizons, I suggest you #AskGaryVee.