My first Twitter chat! Welcome to #MediaChat

For my first Twitter chat, I joined #MediaChat with special guest MelanysGuydlines who specializes in brand communication. The chat kicked off with introductions and many students from this class were active on the chat. She recognized that students of the Gator nation were partaking which was very neat. The chat involved a lot of great topics, beginning with the ability to be unique over social media. Gaining followers is obviously the main goal for many social media practitioners, but the chat focused on each individual voice. By trying too hard to be unique, you can come across as impersonal and fake to your followers. The conversation also touched on humor as a tool. While being funny can attract people and encourage them to listen further, it is a special trait not everyone has. I personally use my humor to connect with other students and my sorority sisters, so my voice online sounds funny as well. For those who are not naturally funny, it can be cheesy when humor is used. Each person’s voice should be uniquely his or her own online, just as it is in person.

The chat also shortly discussed brand loyalty. MelanysGuydlines shared that her most loyal brands are also her favorite brands. She emphasized that a person should share brands they genuinely believe in and are also the ambassadors for their favorite brands. I also commented on this point, as I believe social media practitioners should only encourage their followers to try a brand if they have tried the brand themselves.

“Just ask the brand. The worst they can say is no.” MelanysGuydlines gave this advice when asked how she became an ambassador for certain brands. Any company might see opportunities in social media and take the chance on hiring ambassadors.

The chat also focused on giveaways and legal guidelines when giving products to loyal followers. I have personally never thought about legal repercussions that must occur if a giveaway is done improperly. I most definitely agree with the idea that people react positively to free things. From my job in an animal kennel, we always offer a free bath with a certain amount of days boarding or even a free trial of shampoo to take home. This makes the consumer trust the brand more, as well as the person suggesting the product. The chat was very interactive and constantly moving in new directions. I really loved how positive #MediaChat was and the communal feeling that the dialogue carried. Everyone said their goodbyes and I might even check out #MediaChat next time I am exploring Twitter!

For even more tips from MelanysGuydlines, visit her Twitter!