Life Saving Tips on Checking for Hazards in Halloween Candy

Our occupational therapy Los Angeles specialist has some great tips they want you to know on how to keep you, and your little ones safe this Halloween.

Tip #1: Check your bags before indulging.

Make it a priority to check your bags of candy before your children consume anything. Try not alarming them by making it a game they can play along with.

Tip #2: Toss questionable candies.

If something looks out of the ordinary, just toss it. In a situation like this it’s best to avoid anything that could potentially be harmful to you, or your child.

Tip #3: Stick with the originals.

Do not consume previously baked goods handed out from a stranger’s house. Stick to already packaged goodies. Doing so could prevent any possible allergic reactions, while also avoiding any potential poisons that could have been placed in the baked good.

Tip #4: Check your fruit.

As always, washing your fruit is a must. It is also best to cut open any fruit, and check for any sort of inconsumable objects.

Tip #5: Don’t eat too much.

Too much candy can be harmful to your children. Try and monitor their consumption as much as possible. It’s an exciting time for them, and they can get a little too eager to eat all of their goodies.

Tip #6: Know when to contact the police.

If you happen to find anything dangerous in your child’s candy call the police immediately. This action is extremely important, and could even save the life of another child.

Tip #7: Already opened candy.

Already opened candy could mean that someone has tampered with it. Throw away any treats that look to be already open, or repackaged.

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