Comparing the benefits of opting for in-house lead generation team over outsourcing lead generation program? Then you are not alone.

Most of the Companies have been struggling for years on deciding which way to go with, where to go in-house or outsource for multiple reasons.

Keeping the process in-house involves a long process of hiring the lead generation team which involves careful assessment of each candidate based on their skill set, past experience and understanding of the process. Once you have found the right person to hire, you still need to create a strategy, form a platform and give them the essential resources to carry on with their job like a workstation, computer, software, technical support etc.

Invest in Process not People can bring a significant change

Working with an outsourcing company can bring external experience and expertise to your need. It is also important to consider how those resources get allocated. It becomes less important what an individual resource is doing as you’re buying the lead generation process & strategy. All of this directly impact the quantity of lead generated, better communication with your prospects and also in better positioning of your company.

Programs built and supported by experts have clearly defined metrics and predictable return-on-investment. This lets you optimize time and money in a better way.

This means an investment of $4K can easily cover the cost of developing a lead generation plan, buying a CRM/lead generation platform, and executing the subsequent marketing programs though still leaving behind the basic day-to-day marketing support like telemarketing lead follow up, personalized follow up & nurturing and more.

Hiring for Complex Business Model?

Complex Business Does Not Impose Hiring. Even when most companies still make the decision to hire in-house rather than outsource lead generation programs. One conceivable reason or common misconception behind this is hiring an internal resource is the only best option for companies that have a complex business model. Ironically, the opposite is true. The advantages of process outsourcing increase with the complexity of the business model because the cost of hiring a resource with the essential skill set is higher.