What it’s like creating a new Instagram

Where to start? I could ramble on forever and ever. It may seem easy to start up your own unique, professional Instagram, but trust me, I’ve gone through some real struggles attempting to make my content of the highest quality and creating plenty of it to keep my followers hooked and interested.

Starting a new channel and having to build up followers and generate likes is a real skill. You can’t just wack a post on there and hit millions of likes within seconds. It takes time, practice and knowledge. Have you ever researched the best times of the day to post on Instagram in your spare time? No. Neither had I until i created storiesfromfood and became an Instagram pro with millions of followers. [In my dreams]

Best times to post on Instagram by www.readypulse.com/the-best-times-to-post-on-instagram/

I went out of my way to create original, quirky photos. I didn’t want them to look too staged so i made sure they were mostly taken outdoors in interesting, fun locations. However, this takes a lot of a time because when i have a certain idea of how i want a picture to look, i become a bit of a perfectionist.

Some of the successes i found when creating my Instagram and linking it to my Twitter was how much i enjoyed using both platforms and how easy i found using both of them. I am also very pleasantly surprised with how much my Klout score has grown since creating my Instagram channel and posting more frequently on my Twitter page, OTempleMedia.

It’s definitely not the end yet though. I still have a lot to learn and intend to grow and become more and more skilled at photography and using Instagram as a professional channel. I’m looking forward to posting lots more content because I love doing it, so keep updated on my channel- you won’t want to miss out!