About fifteen years ago when I first saw a picture of a white panther, I was in love.

I gave lots of money to help obtain and keep a Panther refuge in Florida. Now I learn the Florida Panther is still in trouble. The Panther’s trouble is attitude: human needs come first. Towns/Counties arrange for projects without concern for what the projects would do to the Panther’s ability to find food and a companion. There are town/county officials who want to see the Panther taken off the endangered list because the Panther’s absolute right to live is interfering with commerce. There are people who want the Panther to go away because Panthers eat the deer they want to shoot. There is a highway that runs right across Panther protected land: any one-year-old Panther finding itself in the area of that highway will get hit by a vehicle. Panther problems are many and complex. I fear for this beautiful animal. Panther numbers are decreasing. The Panther has a refuge of 26,400 acres and right next door is an immense National Preserve. But, surrounding the Refuge and Preserve is frantic human activity. I do not know what the solution is for giving Panther a long and fruitful life. Maybe it is time to collar a male and female, give them fertility injections and brain stem cell treatment so they can over populate, gate-up their private refuge, win a majority and a seat in government.

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