How Business and Government Use OVCODE?

OVCode Switzerland AG
Oct 2 · 2 min read

As an organization, one of your most valuable assets is data, most often used to enhance consumer engagement, more often exploited to harm them, losing valued customers. Risky isn’t it?

This is why you must prioritize data security, how? Via OVCODE.

OVCODE’s groundbreaking technology will help you safeguard your most trusted data in today’s digital era. OVCODE is being used by some Business Organizations and Government Offices.

Here’s how Businesses and the Government use OVCODE:

1. Product Warranty — OVCODE is being used as a quality control mark and warranty sticker to your products.

2. Police Security Background Check — Upon production of a police clearance document, OVCODE transforms said document into a cryptographic hash, saves the document in a secured vault, and embeds a verification code that allows the recipient to verify the authenticity of the document by using the application online.

3. Roman Catholic Church Sacrament Certification — OVCODE integrates with the Roman Catholic Church’s certificate issuance system to provide validity and authenticity to all documents released by the system.

4. Food and Product Traceability — Using OVI technology, OVCODE can track the foods’ and products’ origin down to its simplest ingredients and components, including their respective manufacturers and producers, to ensure its safety and quality.

OVCode Switzerland AG

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OVCODE IS AN AWARD WINNING VERIFICATION ENGINE. OVCODE verifies authenticity, reliability, and integrity of data using Blockchain technology. Visit

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