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A brief summary of OVERBORNE would be that it is the first project in the space to bring the perfect mix of unique utilities, hype, art quality, team experience, and real world benefit in a way that no other Web3 project has brought to their holders thus far.

We want to tell you more about it leading up to their launch on October 13th 11 AM CT.

Some key facts about OVERBORNE:

  • JimboBox and IRONPINKY are their art industry leading founders, having experience working with top IPs and sharing studio spaces with other renowned figures in Web3 such as Former Udon’s Arnold Tsang.
  • 350+ Traits
  • Holder-exclusive access to apparel designs, drops, and discounts put the real world value of the token above their mint price
  • Web3 Brand with Web2 Brand Success
  • Selling / Staking mechanics which provide built-in buying pressure
  • Dynamic NFTs, Inventory, Attribute Unlocks through Leveling / XP
  • Community driven mechanics built into the collection which encourages long term community engagement
  • Long term vision for the development of the project past its roadmap

OVERBORNE was conceived in March of 2022 — a time of rampant bull runs.

They went to the drawing board; and committed their own original characters with several years of development to the story to bring forward a narrative featuring an apocalyptic world and the Hollows born to save it.

The art, roadmap, utilities, and vision were carefully thought out and planned over the course of six months, all while growing their social media presence to unprecedented levels.

Is OVERBORNE an art project?

While the art is certainly eye-catching; it could be easily misinterpreted that OVERBORNE is an art project. What it truly is; is a heavily inspired utility project with real world benefits and advantages, that happens to have the best art in Web3.

Let’s go over the utilities they plan on rolling out together.

Dynamic NFTs — to the first degree.

  • A Dynamic NFT can easily be described as an NFT which isn’t bound to a single image — OVERBORNE takes this a step further by allowing their holders to customize the look and feel of their Hollow by customizing their outfit with traits unlocked through their leveling system.
  • Tokens can gain experience from being staked or sold for a profit, and the traits unlocked stay permanently even if transferred to another wallet.
  • Not many other projects are doing this; and if so not to this level. While some projects allow you to customize your NFT, generally the items must all be purchased to be allowed to be equipped. OVERBORNE allows you to unlock these items yourself; allowing for an engaging experience far past the mint date.

Selling / Staking Mechanics — A reason for everyone.

  • Whether you mint your OVERBORNE token to make a quick flip, or you’re looking to be a true holder and member of the community; both parties are incentivized through the selling and staking mechanics set in place.
  • If the NFT goes up in value from a transaction on Opensea, the difference is immediately converted into experience in the Token; giving new members into the community an exciting bonus upon entering the OVERBORNE ecosystem; as their Hollow may level up or unlock new traits from the transaction.
  • This novel new utility allows for something that no other project has offered before; and that is a built in mechanic which promotes the upwards value of the Token. No where else in the Web3 space will you find built in mechanics which introduce native buying pressure.
  • Holders also benefit from this arrangement, as they are able to stake their tokens and also earn XP. Combined with the other utilities of the project; holders will get an exclusive experience within the community with access to holder-unique apparel drops, airdrops, as well as transparent updates on the progress of the project.

Holder Exclusive Apparel Benefits

  • The Brand aspect of the project places the token’s value at much higher than the roughly $130 they will be minting for. Holder-exclusive access to designs, drops, and discounts on items that can go over $100 put the real world value of the tokens far above their mint price.
  • Their Staking and Selling Mechanics, Dynamic NFTs, XP, Leveling, Trait Unlocks, Inventory, being backed by art industry professionals, and having some of the best art in the space is only a bonus to this.

Leveling / Inventory / Stats — NFTs pushed further.

  • OVERBORNE’s leveling system rewards holders and sellers alike, using XP as a main function in their ecosystem. Gaining XP from selling or staking are both useful in pushing the rarity and look of your NFT to your desires.
  • Inventory is used to store the items which your Hollow has unlocked so far; easily accessible from their website you will be able to customize your Hollow to your likes. Future designs and collaborations with existing Web2 / Web3 brands may also find their way into your inventory.
  • Stats are affected by your Hollow’s loadout as well as their level. Currently a vanity-system, they are in place for potential future expansion routes.

A Web3 Brand with Web2 Experience

Many projects come into the space promising apparel, without having any real background in owning a brand or on how to appeal to their community. They usually drop 1–2 mediocre designs and then move on.

Where OVERBORNE is different is that they already own and operate a brand which is not only dominating the Anime Apparel industry but also flagshipping what Apparel in the Web3 space can look like.

They will push the boundaries of what a Web3 brand should look like; and reaffirm the level of quality that you as an investor should expect.

The Creative Leads:

James Ghio, alias JimboBox, is a Canadian professional industry artist most noted for his works as a Game Cover illustrator and Marketing artist. He currently resides in his hometown of Montreal, a city in constant artistic mutation with a history of massive art appreciation.

James’ Eastern-inspired style blended with a Western comic creative approach casts a wide appealing net which led him to success within the art industry. Currently James is an Art Director and shareholder of Bibisama Apparel.

Some of his works include:

— Concept and marketing artist for Street Fighter 4, Halo 4, WarFrame, Microsoft’s Fable, Lego Games, GI Joe, HeMan reboot, and Max Steel reboot .

— Concept artist for Fast and Furious Spy Racers, Magic the Gathering, and League of Legends.

— Card illustrator for Marvel.

—Splash artist for top trending game Omega Strikers.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jimbobox

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimboboxart

Edwin “IRONPINKY.” Huang is a California based illustrator with 14 years of professional experience. He is best known for his published work in the Fighting Game genre and Asian American comic scene.

His recently published work include:

Comic work on Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers, Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Skullkickers, and Street Fighter Unlimited.

Statue design work on Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X & 11, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, WWE, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Card illustrator for Yu Gi Oh TCG, Marvel, UDON’s Street Fighter Metal Cards, and Munchkin.

Character design for Street Fighter 4, He-Man, Mega Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/ironpinky

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ironpinky

Their connections in the art industry run deep; and with the experience they each hold in their respective fields they are in a unique position to bring OVERBORNE to the very limits of what NFT Projects can achieve.

With such powerful utilities, vision, team background, art quality, and hype; OVERBORNE has become one of the most looked forward to and promising projects that are going to be released in October. We deeply look forward to shattering your expectations and what you think to be possible; and we are happy to have you along for the ride.

We will be offering whitelist spots to members who read this article! A quiz is below; participate in it with the correct answers to enter a raffle to earn whitelist spots. Let’s take over!







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