Winter is Coming!

The cold weather has well and truly arrived and winter is on its way. We are already experiencing the dark mornings where we have to scrape the ice off the car and before long we will see the familiar orange lights of gritters down the roads.

And you are probably wondering where this is going because not many people are aware of our additional services we offer, one of these being salt gritting, supply of salt bags and snow clearance.

Another thing you may also not be aware of is the government legislation on health and safety that is in place to maintain safety for your customers and staff at work which includes the ground surface and potential hazards it may cause if it is covered in ice or snow.

Oakfield offers the services of salt spreading and snow clearance to ensure you are compliant with legislation and keeping your place of work a safe environment. We don’t just offer these services to the commercial industry, as always we are happy to work with you on your domestic requirements also to keep your family safe this winter. We can provide this service on a contractual or adhoc basis depending on your requirements and can tailor our services to meet your needs. You can read more about our gritting services here.

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