Creative Community: A Map of Where Oaklanders would like to see creative Improvements

Transforming Oakland’s Streets into Public Space

A New OakDOT Program Wants to Infuse Art & Play into Oakland Streets

City of Oakland
Jul 13, 2017 · 2 min read

In May 2017, we rolled out a survey to ask for public feedback and received 130 survey responses from the Oakland community. We want to share what we’ve learned so far, but also continue to listen to your ideas about how we can include art and play in Oakland.

What does Oakland want to see?

Our top responses included more creative crosswalks (19%), while many of you had your own ideas and marked ‘other’ (43%).

What does other include? Many creative ideas such as glittery sidewalks, art-filled underpasses, and tiny homes. Some respondents wanted repairs on their streets (you can report needed repairs online). Many respondents were interested in more than one treatment, for example Plazas and Crosswalks.

Crosswalks, Parklets, Paint and Everything Else.

Who Responded?

We asked Oakland residents and representatives from community organizations, including: non-profits, neighborhood organizations (i.e. UNITY council, Jingletown Arts and Business Community, Family Friendly Oakland, OUSD, Mills College, Eastside Arts Alliance) and business improvement districts. “Other” includes local artists, librarians, small businesses, schools and design firms.

Who Responded? We asked individuals and representatives from community organizations.

How Can I Get Involved?

We haven’t rolled out a program yet, but will use the input we have received to help shape this program which will aim to be:

  • Low Cost

Please continue to fill out the survey. We love hearing your ideas.

Transforming a busy street doesn’t always need complicated plans or millions of dollars. There is real potential for Oaklanders to create playful and artistic public spaces. The City’s streets are blank canvases waiting to be painted.

This post was written by Carissa Lee, Transportation Trainee in collaboration with Menaka Mohan, Community Transportation Planner, Great Streets Division, Oakland’s Department of Transportation.

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