Rock Your Airport Fashion with Plush Totes: Different Types and Celebrity Style Tips

The market of handbags has been erupting with a slew of various styles and designs that are both novel and highly covetable for women of today’s generation. However, for a typical woman, it is always functionality that rules over fashion, especially in the airport when you have to stow in many essentials such as important documents, passport, visa, clothes and food. However, whether you are a fuss-free jetsetter or a frequent flyer, your travel carry-on is the true reflection of your style when you’re just about to catch a flight.

Different Varieties of totes

 Travel variety

Totes are made of different types of materials such as canvas, plastic and straw, but it is a leather tote which is mostly preferred for regular travelling purposes. They range from designer to luxury styles and feature secure compartments and pockets with spacious interior to stash in all important documents, clothes and passport.

However, retailers can find some wholesale tote bags with retractable wheels and handles for manoeuvring at the airport. Set your hands on different colors such as peach, tan brown and lemon yellow besides the usual black and white.

 Mini versions

These are actually the miniature versions of the larger totes and display a wide variety of materials, colors, prints and patterns. Since they are made to be used like small purses, you can carry your money, passport and visa in a mini tote that comes with small compartments and sturdy zippers for additional security. For instance, you can take a turquoise bag to the airport and enhance your appeal on the style parameter.

 Sporty styles

Versatile and durable, these are curated with leather, canvas and parachute materials and are appropriate to suit different environmental conditions and climactic changes. Featuring thick straps and easy to access enclosures they offer a sporty yet stylish appearance, even when you are busy catching a plane.

Bulk purchasers can also pump up their stocks with these sacks, available at the wholesale handbags uk manufacturing hubs and place their orders in advance.

Style inspiration from celebrities

Who says you cannot bear your style quotient at the airport? These celebrities show how to pull off your airport totes with much panache.

Anne Hathaway

The Devil Wears Prada star, Anne Hathaway, has often been photographed in her stylish totes while catching a flight. She picks a leather bag in stripes of tan brown and black that goes well with her cream white trench coat, denim jeans and black boots.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara packs her plane essentials in a zip-top, floral printed tote which adds a playful touch to her airport look and balances her edgy style with black and white sweater, black pants and shoes.

Angelina Jolie

While returning from the BAFTAs, Angelina Jolie has been spotted at the Los Angeles in her all black outfit which is accentuated by a black designer leather tote.

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