Do You Impress Yourself?

Or is your goal to impress others. If you’re constantly trying to please or fit into someone else’s taste or vision, do you ever really satisfy yourself. Do you ever just catch yourself conforming to other’s ideals because you haven’t created a standard for yourself? Do you put your feelings on the back burner?

If you ever picked out a dress that you really loved, tried it on & you looked stunning but you didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb so you put it back. And ended up wearing something that you really didn’t like instead, so you played it safe and wore what everybody else was wearing. Or do you ever talk yourself out of doing something fun and crazy but scratch that thought because you think someone else will think it’s crazy? Well, if it’s your crazy it shouldn’t matter what someone else thinks…but we care anyway. We always care about what others think of us…we cared when we were back in the day on the playground. If Tiffany, Jessica & Kelly had ponytails you felt like your pigtails weren’t good enough, so you slicked your hair up into a ponytail, eventhough you adored your cute pigtails. We even cared in middle & high school, you didn’t date the cute & quiet guy who sat behind you in math because your girls thought he was a nerd. Even gave up your dream prom dress because Tiffany said she couldn’t wear something like that. And today as an adult, we still care. We might not buy the car we really want, apply for our dream job or decorate our home the way we really want because we’re still too worried about impressing someone else who doesn’t even matter. They’re happy living the way they want without question while you’re miserably stuck living for them. When do you stop trying to impress someone else & start focusing in on living your happiness.

Why are we so afraid of the shadows of others when we’re our strongest when we shine bright? I guess that’s still a lesson we all need to learn…never dull your shine for anyone. Or end up like Ebenezer Scrooge being haunted by his past of things that never came to light.

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