Laetrile Cancer Therapy

For more than 50 years, Oasis of Hope Hospital has provided cancer treatments and therapies to patients at its Tijuana, Mexico, location. Oasis of Hope Hospital focuses on such innovative methodologies as laetrile therapy.

Also known as amygdalin or vitamin B-17 treatment, laetrile cancer therapy works to kill cancer cells through the delivery of concentrated and enhanced amygdalin compounds. Naturally occurring amygdalin is present in raw nuts, lima beans, and fruit seeds and contains glucose as well as hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde, both of which have toxic properties.

Scientists theorize that healthy cells can protect against the toxicity of these compounds due to concentrations of the enzyme rhodanese, which is absent in cancer cells. These cells instead contain an alternative enzyme, known as beta-glucosidase, which allows for release of the benzaldehyde and cyanide as poisons, thereby killing the cancer cells.

Laetrile may also help to kill cancer cells from outside the cell. A cancer cell contains a protective coating that, thanks to a negative charge, can drive away white blood cells. Amygdalin supports increased production of a special pancreatic enzyme that, when present in high concentrations, can erode this protective coating and allow the body’s own mechanisms to attack and kill cancer cells.

Because this process also increases the susceptibility of tumors to treatment, laetrile therapy has shown itself most effective as a supplemental treatment. The resultant increased vulnerability of the cancer cells means that medical teams can use lower doses of medication and potentially protect healthy tissue.

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