An Open Letter to Tom Perez, Chairman of the DNC

Dear Chairman Perez,

I write to you not only as a progressive, a registered Democrat, a New Yorker, a United States citizen, a denizen of this fair planet we call Earth, but as a fellow human being who I know is capable of reason and understanding. This past Friday (25-Feb-2017), you earned the majority of votes necessary to lead the Democratic Party into a new era, winning over my preferred choice for the position, Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison. One of your first actions was to appoint him as your Deputy Chair, a wise choice if I say so myself. His counsel will serve you well.

Allow me to level with you. I was a supporter of Senator Sanders’s bid for President. As such, I have some passionate feelings as to what went down. You yourself have admitted that there was some things that happened that should not have. The fact that you were able to say that does get you a fair bit of respect in my book. Others will, admittedly, be harder to sway than I am. And I hope that in time you will be able to do so. I would like to help you in this by giving you some advice.

Gone must be the days of ridiculing ideas as unreasonable or “pie in the sky”. Divisiveness in our politics is a poison to us all, I of all people know this. I’ve lost a good number of friends due to overly passionate arguments, saying mean things that in retrospect I should not have said at all.

Instead of ridiculing each others’s ideas, we should be following in the footsteps of your very own Deputy Chair, who famously bridged the gap between people like me and those who supported the campaign of Secretary Clinton, yourself included, to create the most progressive platform in modern Democratic Party history. More will get done if we engage in a more productive civil discourse and treat each other like actual people.

We are people too. We have feelings. And yet, we spent a vast period of that campaign being ridiculed as children. Condescended to endlessly about how we were too idealistic. Well let me ask you something Mr. Chairman: shouldn’t we all want whats best for our country? Not even just the party, the country. The Democratic party, in the paraphrased words of Mr. Ellison again, should be the party that helps all people, not just those who vote for you. The voices of all, not just Democrats, do matter.

I’m not writing this asking you to cede all ground to us. That’s completely unrealistic. But I want you to meet us halfway at the very least. This organization is more than just about Trump. Its about standing up for the American people. Most of whom support a higher minimum wage. Most of whom support a single-payer healthcare system. Most of whom support an amendment to get gigantic donations out of politics and moving to public funding of elections. Most of whom support the NoDAPL protesters and the ideals of Campaign Zero.

Please, for the good of the party. Nay, for the good of the country. Reach out to us. Join us at the table. Let’s talk about the future like human beings. Let’s build a better nation for all of us.